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Failure Modes to Failure Codes

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
11:00am – 12:00pm ET (10:00am CT, 9:00am MT, 8:00am PT, 4:00pm GMT)
John Reeve, CRL, Author and CMMS Champion at TRM

This presentation will be based on the book Failure Modes to Failure Codes™, co-authored by presenter John Reeve and published by This webinar will discuss how, as an improvement initiative, chronic failure analysis may be the most significant benefit yet to be realized by the world of asset management.

When stakeholders talk about the accuracy of their CMMS, they are really referring to the absence of good failure data. Consequently, when management requests any type of failure analysis, they are usually thinking of a verbal exercise and talking to people. They think this way because the work order only has a narrative describing the problem and remedy.

Without actionable data, there is no way to identify worst offenders in Pareto format. This month’s webinar explains exactly how to start capturing a true failure mode in support of RCM. All that’s required is the knowledge to configure the CMMS product. Key points:

  • If reliability centered maintenance is your goal, failure mode should be your centerpiece as this is the language of RCM.
  • The asset offender report (failure analytic), once implemented, provides the reliability team the ability to identify worst offenders in multiple ways. And never assume this type of report will exist out of the (CMMS) box.
  • As an improvement initiative, chronic failure analysis offers the largest potential benefit in support of return on asset (ROA).

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John Reeve, CRL

Author and CMMS Champion at Total Resource Management (TRM)

John Reeve was the 2nd consultant hired by the company that invented Maximo. He spent the first 10 years as an international consultant in project management involving scheduling systems and cost management. The following 20 years focused on Maximo software and asset management system design. As a certified reliability leader, he is a frequently sought after speaker. His credentials include 12,000 LinkedIn followers, 100 postings on industry best practices, numerous trade magazine articles, and, the book, Failure Modes to Failure Codes. He also has a U.S Patent in maintenance scheduling for an “order of fire” design. And, he can comfortably discuss advanced processes involving asset reliability and work force productivity for any industry. His combined knowledge in both project management and asset management make him unique in the consulting field.

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