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Fleet Maintenance and Equipment managers everywhere are improving operations with eMaint CMMS vehicle maintenance software. If you're not operating with this type of fleet maintenance management software at your fingertips, isn't it about time you were?

Manage costs and gain control over your operations with fleet maintenance tracking software.

The list of challenges organizations face today with fleet maintenance management is long and labored. Fluctuating fuel costs, unexpected repairs and scheduling issues can decrease the total cost of operation (TCO) for each vehicle and greatly affect the bottom line.

We feel your pain. Since 1986, eMaint has been addressing these challenges by providing easy-to-use, customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that enable organizations to quickly resolve fleet maintenance issues and anticipate future maintenance requirements through preventive programs.

eMaint provides a complete set of fleet maintenance software tools for helping fleet managers deal with the service, preventative maintenance and repair activities critical to maintaining vehicles and other fleet assets. Our fleet maintenance management solutions deliver the ability to capture, track and analyze your fleet's TCO metrics including:

With all the information you need expressed in a meaningful, connected way, you are in a position to make the decisions and adjustments that will optimize fleet operations and lower maintenance costs across the entire organization.

How eMaint's Fleet Maintenance Program Works

Our interface to oil analysis applications from Polaris Laboratories and Staveley Services Fluids Analysis enables integration of critical fluid analysis results directly into eMaint CMMS. This significantly reduces the reaction time to critical fleet maintenance issues and maximizes overall equipment and vehicle reliability.

Preventive maintenance and scheduled service activities are triggered by your vehicle meter readings, and all of the eMaint features combine to help streamline your fleet maintenance management process.

Our anytime, anywhere platform provides fleet managers with the reporting tools they need to oversee all aspects of the operation, while improving satisfaction for everyone involved in the fleet management process.

Customer Success Story - Champion Technologies

In 2007, Texas-based Champion Technologies decided they could save on costs and reduce turnaround time associated with third-party fleet management by bringing maintenance in-house. They wanted a solution that could help plan and schedule preventive maintenance, track corrective maintenance, capture labor and material costs, and measure ROI improvements by comparing the costs of the in-house program against the cost of using an outsourced provider. eMaint CMMS was selected based upon the initial software implementation and recommendation of the corporate group. Read more >>