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Enterprise Asset Management Software with eMaint X3 CMMS

Enterprise Asset Management with eMaint X3 CMMS

Organizations looking to eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tracking processes can use the powerful Enterprise Asset Management functionality available within eMaint X3. Its Inventory Management, Preventive Management and Reporting/Dashboard features work together as a complete solution to help maximize the return on all assets.

Key Features - Asset Maintenance Management

  • Configure asset screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Add or link graphics and other multi-media files to asset records
  • Upload meter readings and use to trigger Preventive Maintenance
  • Relate parts and Bills of Materials to assets
  • Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure
  • Easily create and edit records for equipment, components and subcomponents
  • Track nameplate information and determine which fields are exposed and populated
  • Define asset criticality or priority ratings
  • Support for depreciation of assets
  • Duplicate equipment specs to minimize data entry
  • Upload manuals, drawings, contracts or any rich media documents and relate them to assets

Reporting and Equipment Asset Tracking Software Functions
  • Easily view all work history and charges related to each asset
  • Track Warranty information
  • Generate barcode labels for any asset
  • Produce customized "cost and repair" reports for components
  • Track and report on component failures and number of occurrences
  • Reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a pre-set schedule
  • Easily add asset graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute KPIs

In addition, X3 can help organizations meet compliance standards through automated email alerts that notify teams when OSHA documentation needs to be updated, safety-related PMs need to be performed and inspections need to be done.

Customer Success Story - Burris Logistics

Before eMaint X3, Burris Logistics, an 89-year-old frozen food warehousing and distribution organization located in the Eastern United States, tracked maintenance through time-consuming spreadsheets.Their decision to implement a CMMS came after the realization that they needed a more efficient way to comply with OSHA Process Safety Management standards. Key features that Burris required from a CMMS were a centralized database of all parts and equipment, a complete history of worked performed, meter-based preventive maintenance schedules with timed notifications of work due, and labor tracking to help manage overtime.

Burris implemented eMaint X3 in more than five locations and its enterprise asset management functionality was key in helping their teams understand the health and cost to maintaining vital assets.Read more >>

Screen Shots

To view some example screen shots of eMaint's CMMS and Enterprise Asset Management Software tool please click on the thumbnail images. These are just a small sample of the many options available that can be easily customized to fit your needs.

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enterprise asset management software
Asset with Work Order History

Enterprise asset management software sample with sub tables.
Asset with Related Tables

This is an example of our fleet asset maintenance management software.
Fleet Asset Tracking

A screenshot of our Asset Management Software with the barcode feature.
Barcode Generated for Asset

Fuel Analysis Report
Fluid Analysis Integration