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Facilities Maintenance Software Features

Facilities Maintenance

Features in CMMS Software

Benefits for Facility Managers

Work Request Management Improve workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing a fast and easy tool for submitting facility work requests.
Maintain customer satisfaction with automated alerts when customer requests are approved, rejected and completed.
Email Request Module Enables unlimited number of customers to easily submit requests via email that are automatically captured in your eMaint Request Center
Asset Explorer User-definable "tree" view of assets, making it easy to locate by the location, type, system or any other hierarchical setting you choose.
Asset Work and Charges History Point and click access to all labor and material costs right at the asset level.
Multi-Form Capability Easily capture the right information about your assets, regardless of the various types of assets that you manage.
Facilities Preventive Maintenance (PM) Management with Auto-Generate Capability and scheduling based on any trigger - calendar, meter or condition-based monitoring. Provide an environment of the highest level of customer satisfaction and asset availability. Facility preventive maintenance ensures equipment is maintained regularly, not just repaired when it breaks.
Automatically produce and email preventive maintenance (PM) work orders to ensure compliance and maintain optimum equipment performance.
Planning and Scheduling Tools The "Planner" interface lets you see the work that needs to be performed and assign it to available personnel. The tool includes customizable filters to view work by building, department, problem type, trade, or any other criteria needed to suit your business process.
Inventory Control Tools Reduce inventory spend and ensure the right parts are available at the right time
Workflow Manager Powerful configuration tool that lets you "define rules" - from auto-assigning work requests, to routing work orders via email, to calculating response time and completion rates -- and customize the CMMS functionality to match your specific business processes.
Personalized Dashboards and Reports Facilities maintenance management gains instant access to the key performance metrics critical to your operations, including:
  • New work orders in last 24 hours
  • Percentage of work completed last week
  • Year to date number of work orders open
  • YTD Number of work orders completed
  • YTD Labor hours
  • YTD Material costs
  • Percentage of work orders over estimate
  • Turnaround times on work
Cost Tracking and Repair Histories Easily capture labor, parts and materials costs and measure maintenance spend by building, department, customer, cost-center, line or any user-definable criteria.
Mobile solutions with bar coding technology Perform inspection rounds, manage work orders, and control inventory using a handheld device in the field.
Vendor Portal with Secure Login The optional feature allows vendors and outside contractors to acknowledge receipt of work details assigned to them, update labor, material and other costs upon completion of the work, and attach documents and images to the work order via a secure login.
Private Label Option With this optional feature, we will rebrand our software to include your company logo and corporate branding.