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Building Maintenance Software

Building Maintenance Managers, Facilities Maintenance and Property Managers everywhere are concerned with controlling costs and improving productivity, all while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Owners, executives, and managers want to measure performance, and often ask:

eMaint provides the major building maintenance software and systems that property management and facilities maintenance management need for asset management, work order management, service requests, and key performance metrics.

Facilities Management Software

Managing assets is a critical component to the operations of any facility or property. eMaint building maintenance software provides the ability to identify, track, locate and analyze all of your corporate assets. The asset explorer provides a user-definable "tree" view of assets, making it easy to locate by the location, type, system or any other hierarchical setting you choose. Keeping track of assets and their changing locations is a challenge. eMaint gives you the ability to track asset locations so you know where it is, where it's going and where it's been.

eMaint's web-based facilities maintenance software and property maintenance software systems provide point and click access to all labor and material costs right at the asset level. Gathering of all these costs is accomplished through our powerful work order system.

Work Order Management

The eMaint Work Order center allows you to provide technicians with a planned job, the proper procedures and the necessary parts and tools they need to work without delays or interruptions. Labor, parts and purchases are easily tracked on the work order, allowing you to quickly analyze the costs associated with facility maintenance management.

With eMaint, you'll be able to calculate response time and completion rates, track performance, and provide a feedback mechanism to keep your internal customers aware of the status of their work requests.

Service Request and Maintenance Request Software

Work requests - whether from owners, tenants, staff, students, teachers, customers -- are at the cornerstone of operations and facility management. Let's face it: there shouldn't be a "one size fits all solution" to managing work requests. For some organizations, simplicity is the key. Our "You've got work" feature makes submitting work requests as easy as sending an email. Other organizations require a more robust solution. The "My Requests" feature not only provides a customizable form for detailed entry of the request, it provides a requester control panel to view the status of pending, open and past work.

Vendor Portal for Secure Access

The optional vendor portal feature makes it easy for vendors and outside contractors to acknowledge receipt of work details assigned to them, update labor, material and other costs upon completion of the work, and attach documents and images to the work order.

Each vendor is assigned a unique login that grants them access only to the information you choose to share with them in a fully customizable view.

Key Performance Metrics

The Maintenance Dashboards property and facilities maintenance software provides up-to-the-minute information on the key performance metrics critical to your building maintenance program:

Users of eMaint building maintenance software experience positive results: