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Thank you for joining us for the Fluke Roadshow 2017, a must-attend event for maintenance and reliability professionals across the country. We’ve compiled helpful resources from the event, including slide decks, manuals, recordings, and more. Please also be sure to complete our survey, if you haven’t yet!

A FREE Event on the Future of Connectivity & Smart Maintenance

The Fluke Roadshow 2017 is a must-attend, FREE event for maintenance and reliability professionals across the country. Join us for an information-packed event featuring the latest innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), including Fluke Condition Monitoring devices and eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). You won’t want to miss this glance into the future of connectivity and smart maintenance management!


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The Fluke Roadshow 2017 agenda is packed with informative and educational sessions on latest technology from Fluke Condition Monitoring, the hottest trends in CMMS and eMaint’s latest innovations, and maintenance and reliability best practices. In addition to general sessions, panel discussions on IIoT, and ample networking time in the exhibit hall, there will be a variety of breakout sessions to choose from.

Fluke Track

Evolution of Fluke Wireless Tools and Measurements

Fluke test tools users are experiencing major efficiency gains by using mobile and cloud tech to auto-transfer data from tools to dashboard and team. The Fluke system connects wireless measurement devices directly to the cloud for remote event monitoring as well as onsite troubleshooting. Customers find that little additional training is required on both the technician and engineer/manager levels and that setup is very quick. This mobile session will describe that customer experience, from a review of the most common usage scenarios to the wireless test tools, the mobile app and the web interface. Benefits include improvements to electrical safety, reduced downtime, quicker problem resolution, and smoother workflow within the team. The Fluke Connect system uses point-to- point Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks and/or in-plant Wi-Fi. Any attendee who wants to improve peace of mind around the operational health of their electro-mechanical equipment will find value and opportunity in this talk. Specific measurement technologies include electrical, Thermal and vibration.

Fluke Condition Monitoring Demo

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Using Data from Your Wireless Tools and Condition Monitoring with CMMS to Plan for Preventive Maintenance

The Fluke Connect Assets system of software and wireless tools enables maintenance managers to build and sustain successful maintenance programs. Whether you are looking to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with an easy to use, wireless system. The Fluke Connect® system offer a full solution from Bluetooth enabled test tools to portable condition monitoring that send data to a user-friendly software interface. You can view equipment data and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime data integrated in the eMaint CMMS software platform. Attendees who want to improve operational health will find value in this talk.

eMaint CMMS Track

eMaint X4 Condition Monitoring

Studies show that organizations spend 80% of their time reacting to issues rather than proactively preventing them using condition monitoring. Using eMaint’s Condition Monitoring solution, you can monitor noise, vibration, temperature, lubricants, wear, corrosion, pressure and flow for each of your assets. Led by an eMaint product specialist, this session will provide attendees with a basic walk-through of how to set up and use the Condition Monitoring tools in eMaint X4.

eMaint X4 PM Management Tools

Without effective Preventive Maintenance (PM) management tools on your side, relying on equipment to operate effectively can be challenging. eMaint’s PM management tools help to ensure that your equipment is fully-operational, while maximizing uptime and controlling maintenance costs. Led by an eMaint product specialist, this session will provide an overview of joining asset tables on a PM list, the PM Explorer, PM distribution, PM mass change, and PM projections.

eMaint X4 Document Storage & Interactive Plans

It’s time to unlock the data within your CMMS. Rather than viewing your data in traditional lists, you can now graphically visualize your assets, parts, and more with eMaint’s innovative and user-friendly Document Storage and Interactive Plans solutions. Led by an eMaint product specialist, this session will provide attendees with a demonstration of the Document Storage and Interactive Plans features in eMaint X4.

Roadmap & eMaint X5 Sneak Peek

eMaint X5 is the future of CMMS – and the future is here! Be the first to see an exclusive sneak peek of eMaint’s latest technology innovation, eMaint X5. Led by an eMaint product specialist, this session will provide attendees with a demonstration of the key features of eMaint X5, and what to expect from eMaint in 2017 and beyond.

Best Practices Track

10 Keys to CMMS Implementation Success

When planning to implement a CMMS solution, most organisations focus purely on the software. However, aspects such as workflow process development, standard operating procedure generation and training are just as important for a successful implementation. In an industry where up to 80% of CMMS implementations fail to meet expectations within the first 12 months, it is extremely important to build an implementation plan to avoid being part of this statistic. During this presentation, a maintenance industry thought leader will introduce the top 10 keys to success in CMMS implementation.

Performance Metrics that Drive Proactive Decisions

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. By determining which metrics are key measures of success, maintenance operations are able to spot trends that can justify the cost of maintenance projects, additional staffing, equipment upgrades, and more. During this presentation, a maintenance industry thought leader will discuss world class maintenance metrics and why they’re important for your overall maintenance management success.

Condition-Based Maintenance

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About Fluke and eMaint

Fluke is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software, and eMaint is the leading provider of web-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions.

About the Partnership

Fluke and eMaint have joined forces to usher in a new era of connectivity for customers in the industrial world. Together, the companies are set to deliver ground-breaking asset reliability platforms that will help organizations increase uptime with a seamless integration of maintenance tools and software.

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