Prevent Equipment Failure, Improve Regulatory Compliance and Increase Productivity

Healthcare facilities require all-encompassing maintenance management for critical assets such as generators, sterilization equipment, x-ray machines, air purifiers, and more. With dozens of assets and numerous regulations and standards to meet, while putting the care of their customers first, an effective solution is needed to effectively manage maintenance.

It is important to not lose sight of equipment that must be maintained, facility space that must be kept clean and safe, and government regulations that must be met. That’s where eMaint comes in. Our fully-customizable CMMS solution makes it easy to manage, track and schedule maintenance to extend asset life, contract compliance for critical equipment, keep track of costly spare parts, and prevent equipment failure.

eMaint provides a robust, fully-featured asset, work order and inventory management solution that conquers the maintenance challenges of hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, specialized care centers, and other healthcare organizations.
Maintenance Scheduling
by assigning employees to specific buildings, systems, machines and assets.
The Life of Critical Assets
by generating calendar and/or meter-based preventive maintenance tasks.
Safety through the Facility
by flagging any safety issues so they can be prioritized and resolved quickly.

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“Getting a CMMS is like getting your first computer. When we first implemented eMaint, we didn’t realize all of the things that could be done with it. Now, we don’t know how we could have ever operated without it.”

Rex Stanley | Health and Hospital Corporation

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