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Inventory Management and Purchasing

Since 1986, eMaint has made it easy for organizations to track inventory across the globe with their computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), eMaint. With eMaint's Inventory Management and Tracking capabilities, managers are able to purchase and receive parts, associate parts with PMs and quickly locate items.

In addition, eMaint's mobile solution, eMaint MX, takes inventory management to the next level by enabling reliable mobile anytime, anywhere access between locations to accurately catalog all spare parts, reducing waste and spoilage.

The fully customizable inventory management and tracking tool supports FIFO, LIFO or moving average inventory accounting methods, and provides robust reporting for inventory tracking and accounting.

Maintenance Inventory Software Tracking Features

  • Full Requisitioning, Purchasing, and Receiving capabilities
  • Configure screen and field layouts to your specifications
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Manage multiple inventory locations
  • Track cost of parts issued and returned against work orders
  • Manage stock and non-stock parts and materials
  • Auto-issue parts when a PM work order is closed
  • Select FIFO, LIFO or moving average inventory valuation methods
  • Relate parts to assets and PMs for easy issuing
  • Wireless maintenance inventory software with emaint MX Mobile
  • Parts kitting allows you to issue or return multiple parts with a single item number

Inventory Management Reporting Functions

  • Easily locate inventory items with user-defined filters
  • Track supplier history
  • Create customized comprehensive inventory transaction reports
  • View and print parts requirements for upcoming PMs
  • Analyze usage of stock and non-stock items
  • Produce detailed and summary inventory valuation reports
  • Output reports as graphs and automatically email them
  • Barcode tracking software capability
  • Easily add inventory graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute analysis

Customer Success Story - OCCG Inventory Management

For nearly a decade Orange County Containers Group (OCCG) had used Datastream as their CMMS solution, but grew frustrated with its poor mobile performance, which hindered warehouse workers' ability to exchange information throughout the day. As a result, there was a discrepancy of about $1.5 million in inventory that was found once eMaint CMMS was implemented.

eMaint's bilingual support staff was able to easily implement the CMMS at various OCCG sites, and helped inhouse teams quickly become familiar with the system. OCCG used eMaint CMMS to automate their inventory replenishment process and reduced the % of spoilage from 13% to 9%, ultimately saving more than $2,000,000 a year. Read more >>

Screen Shots

To view some example screen shots of eMaint's Inventory Management tool please click on the thumbnail images. These are just a small sample of the many options available that can be easily customized to fit your needs.

For a complete understanding of the system's capabilities consider one of our product evaluation options by clicking here, or contact us by email , or live chat.

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Inventory Detail Screen
Inventory Record

Inventory Management Related Tables
Inventory Related Tables

Inventory Bill of Materials
Inventory Bill of Materials

Inventory Barcoding Feature
Inventory Barcoding

Auto Issue of Parts
Auto Issue of Parts

Parts Kitting
Parts Kitting