eMaint's "Service on 11" Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2016 Scholarship Recipients! At eMaint, we are dedicated to customer success. We do this by offering “Service on 11” which means to us that when it comes to customer service, our dial doesn’t stop at 10 – we push ourselves even further to to deliver unmatched customer service to 50,000 users worldwide. For others, it can be about how you use your strengths to do more and help those around you. As “Service on 11” is part of our DNA as a company, we believe in “extra credit” for those who offer this level of dedication in their daily lives. We want to celebrate and empower students like you, who work hard to offer services and support to help others.

We will be announcing the scholarship for next year in September 2016. In the meantime, join us in congratulating our 2016 winners!

Scholarship Winner

Patrick S.

Patrick S.

Patrick S., a premedical student at Arizona State University and a soldier for the Arizona Army National Guard. Patrick is also a certified hospice volunteer, research assistant at the Biodesign Institute Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center, and an advocate for empowerment through education.

“Overall, ‘Service on 11’ is a mentality that I strive for to affect positive change in my communities,” said Patrick. “Compassion is the driving force behind this change, and I like to believe that I am making an impact within them. I think that that with such an attitude, an individual, company, or business can reach beyond expectations in their field.”

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Scholarship Runner Ups

Gianfranco F.

Gianfranco F.

Gianfranco is a high school student who founded Ripple, a social-good clothing company that he started as an eighth grader that directly impacts the lives of the disenfranchised. Ripple is based on the idea that people should be able to use their purchase power as a means to achieve social good.

“I have discovered an innovative approach to pursue my passion by combining social-good with business. It was the process of connecting the dots up to this point, that I realized that offering ‘Service on 11’ gave me the greatest experience of my life.”

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Allysha B.

Allysha B.

Allysha B. has visited Belize the past two years building homes, and volunteers for the Youth Impact Project, a charity that helps support over 2,500 struggling families annually by providing school supplies, clothing, haircuts, food and more.

“My Service on 11 experiences have fostered my dream career in creating an environmental adventure camp for underprivileged youth. It will focus on strengthening and improving their character and leadership skills, so they can be successful.”

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