AFRIGRID Leverages eMaint CMMS for a Competitive Edge

Headquartered in South Africa, AFRIGRID is a services company providing holistic Asset Health Management, Predictive Maintenance Services and Infrastructure Protection Solutions. The company experienced growth of 62% in one year, and wanted a Afrigridsystem to help keep up with the preventive
maintenance required for their client contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). AFRIGRID selected eMaint due to its automation capabilities, and the ability to include materials and tasks on work orders.
A key to AFRIGRID’s successful implementation was creating processes prior to working in the system. They knew exactly how they wanted assets and parts to be defined, so the eMaint system was tailored to their specific needs. Since implementing eMaint, AFRIGRID has experienced:

  • Ability to sustain 100% compliance for SLAs
  • Increased efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Reduced downtime by associating parts with work orders
  • Improved accuracy in record keeping
  • Eliminated spreadsheets and manual data management

“eMaint CMMS helps AFRIGRID deliver valuable services to clients. The only place our company will store, monitor and benchmark information about our services is within eMaint.”

-Etienne Naude, Managing Director, AFRIGRID

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