CMMS and the Farming Industry – A Must Read Article

 ‘Agri-Tech: Reshaping the Farming Industry’ –

173e9516001f49795a16f7d38c35bd4bFarms are embracing technology in order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s world. They
are using technology in ever-more ingenious ways to manage day-to-day
chores and collect data critical to operating more efficiently and

One example is Dairy Quality’s “Milk Guardian”, a product so sleek
it could be mistaken for an iPhone upgrade. The device, a small black
box, straps onto the back of an iPhone, and can give a farmer readings
from milk samples in as little as six seconds, as opposed to the week or
more typical when sending results to a lab.

Another new-age method has farmers bringing animal psychologists in to provide adjustment
services to their new cattle. One farm has had a psychologist design an
orientation program for new cows, helping them adjust to a new
environment and new expectations.


Farmers are also embracing the use of software tools, including CMMS Software to
better understand their operating costs and extend the life of their
equipment through improved maintenance. The information derived from a
CMMS (including cost per hour and cost per acre) can help farmers (or
any fleet or operations managers) make better informed decisions that
can improve profitability.

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Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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