Buyer Trends for 2014

Software Advice, a company that evaluates computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) systems, has released a report of CMMS buyer trends in 2014. The statistics reveal the most common pain points and reasons for purchasing a CMMS solution. Below are some of the key findings from the analysis of 385 buyers.

48% of prospective buyers are currently using manual methods to track their maintenance management, or nothing at all.

62% of prospective buyers cite a desire to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Preventive maintenance is the most sought-after feature at 25%, followed closely by asset management (22%) and work order management (21%).

The majority of buyers (71%) say they have no preference between on-premise and web-based systems, showing they may not understand the benefits each provides.

This CMMS buyer data shows that, though the features of a CMMS are important, they are not the primary determinate for purchasing. Instead, buyers are interested in CMMS systems that maximize efficiency and are easy to understand and use.

With more than 18,000 users and a 96%+ retention rate, eMaint X3 CMMS has been helping organizations improve efficiency and reduce costs for nearly 30 years with a configurable and easy-to-use interface.

Dana Madama is the Online Marketing Manager at eMaint Enterprises, located in Marlton, NJ, which provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your maintenance and asset management needs.