eMaint Welcomes New July Customers to the X3 Community

eMaint would like to recognize our customers who have recently joined the eMaint X3 CMMS community. We welcome the following companies from diverse industries including fleet, energy, food & beverage and manufacturing, and look forward to further partnering with them to achieve their CMMS goals.

After more than 140 years in business, Fleet Laboratories now leads the personal healthcare industry, ranking among the top non-prescription drug companies in the United States, and earning the trust of consumers and healthcare professionals around the world.
American Natural Gas (ANG) is a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels in the Northeast, who designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains natural gas fueling stations for transportation.
Oasis Well is a family owned and operated business, utilizing the talentsand skills of 5th & 6th generation well drillers. They drill water wells and install your complete pump system.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Greenspeed Energy Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions in North America.
EMCOR Group is a Fortune 500 company based in Norwalk, Connecticut. They provide mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure.
Western New Mexico University offers a beautiful main campus in Silver City, a diverse student body, and courses ranging from accounting to zoology.
INTEGRAM is a full service communications company specializing in production services of targeted, time sensitive, direct communication with your audience.
Asher’s crafts a wide selection of gourmet chocolates and other chocolate covered confections, including an award-winning sugar-free chocolate collection.
Advanced Conversion Technology designs and manufactures custom military AC-DC,
DC-DC, Linear, Rack Mounted VME and Rugged power supplies and instrumentation products.
Solumet MP operates a novel recycling facility that converts fine metal-bearing wastes and by-products into re-meltable metal product also known as sintercake.
EAE is a renewable energy company in Exeter, ME, that converts animal & food waste into heat and electricity, & other environmentally responsible products.
At HATCI, America’s brightest designers and engineers apply cutting edge design and development technology to create the next generation of safer, more efficient vehicles.

Dana Madama is the Online Marketing Manager at eMaint Enterprises, located in Marlton, NJ, which provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your maintenance and asset management needs.

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