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eMaint CMMS data and customization drive improvements for semiconductor manufacturer

Customer Since: 2017 | Manufacturing

If you’ve ever looked closely at some of the electronic components in your equipment, you may wonder how the tiny microchip within these components gets made. CyOptics, Inc., a longtime leader in the semiconductor industry, manufactures these minuscule circuits. The company’s fabrication process involves complex steps using machinery and equipment to create the layers and features of each microchip.

To accomplish this work, CyOptics executives required metrics showing them precisely where its maintenance and production outputs were improving or declining. Prior to implementing eMaint in 2017, the company’s maintenance team had no systematic way to collect or analyze the data. With the CMMS in place, team members now have the data to identify increases in maintenance and production efficiency and areas where the workflow needs improvement. Additionally, management is provided a real-time, snapshot view of production activity.

  • Developed real-time lists and maps of working equipment, assets needing repair, or assets with ongoing maintenance using the interactive plans features
  • Partnered closely with eMaint CMMS experts to maximize and customize the system’s capabilities
  • Optimized output by balancing production line start times and down times with equipment availability


CyOptics, Inc., produces intricate, multi-layered semiconductors and electrical components. The Breinigsville, Pa.-based company needed computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software that was easy to learn, use, and configure. They also required a CMMS strong enough to support the organization’s demanding production efficiency goals and continuous improvement initiatives.

CyOptics chose the eMaint CMMS because it is highly customizable and because it could interface with the company’s other systems.


A lack of reliable communication was just one of the issues CyOptics professionals faced daily. The maintenance team depended upon verbal reports or emails to make maintenance requests, work orders, and to relay progress details. With the heavy production demands and numerous and varied maintenance and scheduling needs, the lack of a unified system was not practical. Maintenance personnel were continually being pulled in multiple directions because work priorities were unclear.

Additionally, the organization did not have the ability to view production equipment uptime, downtime, or other asset condition data. Tracking maintenance of its critical equipment and other tools used to fabricate the microchips was difficult, and useful asset data histories for troubleshooting problems were hard to locate.


The equipment maintenance engineers at CyOptics began working with the eMaint CMMS implementation team on populating the asset table. Critical equipment was entered into the system and users began harnessing the software’s work order management capabilities to define and record maintenance activities. Users also leveraged the work order prioritization function to directly improve response times, completion times, and production efficiency.

During the implementation and ensuing feedback between CyOptics and eMaint team members, custom workflows were created to fit the company’s specific needs. One of the great advantages of the joint teamwork was the ongoing customization of the system and evolving improvements. For instance, together the two teams recognized that CyOptics could benefit greatly from utilizing the powerful interactive plans feature, which showcases a live map of the production assets and maintenance activities. The map’s dynamic, color-coded display shows management supervisors and technicians where work is being done and what equipment is up and running.


The eMaint CMMS helps the CyOptics maintenance team optimize planning, coordinate work activities, and show continuous improvement to management. Also, the system enables the company to create a full workflow from maintenance downtime through re-qualification and verification to ensure that equipment is brought back up safely and meets ISO standards.

The semiconductor manufacturer hopes to eventually connect the software to predictive technologies such as wireless sensors to help the team address asset issues before they become failures.


  • Identify and address production inefficiencies using historical asset data
  • Send emails to production and maintenance automatically when a work order is created

“We’ve been able to set priorities of our maintenance work using eMaint. We see what needs to get done first, how long the maintenance has been going, its current maintenance status, and if down, when it’s expected to resume production.”

– Cyoptics maintenance team leader