Farmdale Creamery Inc. Discovers the Perfect Recipe for Cultured Products: eMaint's X3 System

Over the paFarmdalest 50 years Farmdale Creamery Inc., serving the San Fernando Valley in California, has embraced state-of-the-art technology to provide their clients with the highest quality of dairy products and customer service.  Farmdale Creamery Inc. continued this trend when they decided to implement eMaint Enterprise's X3 System to their collection of cutting-edge technology.  For over half of a century, Farmdale Creamery has specialized in providing their clients with an array of dairy products which includes cheese, sour cream, sour dressing, and buttermilk.

Farmdale Creamery prides itself on maintaining a high level of customer service by developing and preserving close, interpersonal relationships with their customers.  They are able to differentiate themselves by catering to all of their clients' needs for even the toughest projects and most outrageous requests.

After requesting a 30-day Free-Trial Account and exploring the vast amount of functions and advantages in eMaint Enterprise's X3 system, Norman Shotts knew that eMaint's CMMS system was the right fit for Farmdale Creamy Inc.  In particular, Norman enjoys the security benefits of eMaint automatically backing up every work order and work request generated and offering the most reliable CMMS software.  From the entire team here at eMaint Enterprises we would like to welcome Norman Shotts and his team at Farmdale Creamery Inc.! 

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