Fluke Condition Monitoring
Identify critical issues before failure.

Are intermittent or difficult-to-diagnose issues impacting your production efficiency and maintenance budget? Fluke Condition Monitoring is a flexible, portable system for monitoring electrical, power and temperature trends on equipment in real-time. These non-invasive sensors install quickly and you can begin monitoring from a safe distance using a web-based system. Watch equipment and receive alarms wherever you are.

Find and Solve Issues

Fluke Condition Monitoring gives you a complete performance picture on any equipment in your plant. The continuous real-time data stream tracks events – including troublesome intermittent faults– and issues alarms triggered by your preset thresholds.
Get to the Root Cause Fast

View AC/DC voltage, current, and power, and temperature data.

Continuously Monitor Your Equipment

Access a history of equipment performance before, during and after an event.

Improve Efficiency

Graphs show trends and fluctuations during the monitoring period. For a full picture of your equipment, wirelessly sync measurements that are taken using Fluke Connect® handheld tools and compare them to your condition monitoring data.
Quick ROI with Low Risk

Realize quick payback as you move the monitoring sensors to different equipment in the plant to find and resolve more issues faster, increase lead-time on part orders, and reduce unplanned downtime.

World-leading Industrial Brand

Count on Fluke tools for rugged reliability and performance in industrial environments.

Monitor from Anywhere

With Fluke Condition Monitoring, you can access equipment measurement data via secure cloud access. Correlate historical trends and track current conditions to detect faults and increase equipment uptime.
Convenient Web-based Software

View data while offsite from mobile devices, and receive real-time alarms to take decisive action.

Fast Set-up and Data Logging

Install in minutes, even in tight, difficult-to-reach spots with your own technicians, and monitor conditions while keeping technicians out of the danger zone.

The eMaint CMMS + Fluke Advantage

Fluke and eMaint have joined forces to usher in a new era of connectivity for customers in the industrial world. Together, the companies are set to deliver ground-breaking asset reliability platforms that will help organizations increase uptime with a seamless integration of maintenance tools and software solutions.

Fluke Remote Monitoring Empowers Energy Analyst-Solar Systems Contractor

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