Fluke Connect Wireless Tools

Seamlessly Connect Your Measurement Data with Your CMMS

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Save time and improve the reliability of your maintenance data with Fluke Connect Tools.

Radio-enabled test tools transfer measurements straight from the field to an asset record or a work order. Measurements can be viewed simultaneously at the inspection site and from the office or an off-site location enabling fast decision making and real time collaboration between team members.

Fluke Connect tools allows you to maximize uptime and make confident maintenance decisions with data you can trust and trace.

Fluke tools are rigorously tested and have the highest safety category ratings to match your different work environments. For many Fluke Connect wireless enabled tools allow technicians to capture measurements up to 20 meters away from energized lines and moving machinery. You can safely troubleshoot issues and share the results with your team, anywhere, any time.

Find the Software Plan to Fit Your Needs

Expand the capabilities of your Fluke Connect Tools with Fluke Connect software.
With two software options with different features, you can find the plan that works for you and your team.

Fluke Connect® Measurements Software

Be ready with measurement data at anytime. With the Fluke Connect Measurements app, you can save equipment measurements to the cloud and share them or reference them at any time.

  • Collaborate with ease by sharing your data with others with ShareLive™ video calls and emails.
  • Wireless one-step measurement transfer with AutoRecord™ measurements removes the need for clipboards and paperwork.
  • Easily trend and monitor intermittent problems with TrendIt™ graphs, letting the data support your choices.
  • Lock down your data with premier protection from Fluke Cloud™ storage.
Fluke Connect® Assets Software

Build and sustain a preventive maintenance program with software that saves measurements directly from your test tools and assigns them to an asset in your facility. This is the only system that saves measurements directly from your test tool into a work order.

All of the features of Fluke Connect Measurements, plus:

  • Decide where to focus efforts by scanning the most recent status updates on key assets.
  • Identify where preventive actions are needed by viewing asset status over time.
  • Visualize multiple measurement types; mechanical, electrical and thermal, in one view, by asset.

Fluke Offers an Ever-Growing Selection of Wireless Tools

Infrared Cameras

Get the full picture of your equipment status and the images needed to make next step repair recommendations immediately. Assign images to the equipment in your plant and review a history to identify trends in real-time.

Clamp Meters

Take measurements away from arc-flash zones and reduce the number of times you have to put on PPE. Create and send reports right from the field from your smartphone.

Digital Multimeters

Wireless connectivity allows you to view electrical data logs and helps you to problem solve with team members to get questions answered or next steps identified.


Save and share vibration measurements real-time without transcription errors. Make repair decisions quickly and keep your team one the floor working.

Portable Oscilloscopes

Reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime with accurate equipment records and maintenance data that is easy to interpret and share from the field, so you can get advice or approvals quickly.

Power Quality Analyzers

Access and share data remotely with your team via the Fluke Connect® app so you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time, reducing the need for protective equipment, site visits, and check-ins.

Power and Energy Loggers

Read your power measurements remotely and reduce the need for protective equipment, multiple site visits and check-ins, while still getting the measurement data you need.


Expand the capabilities of your test tools and ensure accurate measurements with Fluke accessories. Protect your valuable tools with Fluke cases.


Put some distance between you and your measurement of live electrical panels or hot motors. Rea measurements from a distance and share them with your team, right from the field.

mA Loop Calibrators

Contact your team and share inspection results instantly from the field, then collaborate with team members to get questions answered or next steps identified.

Installation Testers

Communicate results of the “Insulation PreTest” with your team before installing new equipment that could damage peripheral equipment.

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