How to Choose the Right CMMS Provider for Your Organization

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At eMaint, we understand that determining which CMMS solution is the best fit for your organization can be challenging. Your organization wants the best bang for their buck, as well as the flexibility and ease-of-use to match. To help you cut through all of the clutter, eMaint developed a variety of resources to help guide your search, including articles such as “What to Consider Before Selecting CMMS” and our CMMS Software Comparison chart.
In our research, we have found a few important things to consider about a CMMS provider that can make or break your decision to go with a provider. These include:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Cost transparency
  • Ongoing training and implementation support
  • Locally hosted vs. SaaS
  • Customized data organization
  • Customer success and partnership
  • Data conversion
  • Accessibility and ease-of-use
  • Mobile access
  • Professional service offerings

These considerations go hand-in hand with the common mistakes of a person on the CMMS hunt. For example, as budgets get cut or there is a need to restructure, organizations look to cut costs and solve urgent problems, and that is where a CMMS comes in. In other words, organizations often select a CMMS based on short term needs without thinking about the big picture. When doing CMMS research, set goals across a range of departments within your organization over at least a three year period. When you start with the end in mind, it will be easier to select the CMMS that will best grow with you, scale back when necessary, and offer consistent support along the way.
There are a variety of third-party software reviewers to help avoid pitfalls such as these when on the CMMS hunt. These directories include an overview of a provider and the product in a variety of ways. Capterra offer products details and a features checklist, an overview of the provider and starting prices, and extensive product reviews with ranking of “Overall,” “Ease of Use” and “Customer Service.”
TopTenReviews, where eMaint is ranked the #1 Maintenance Management Software, provides Pros, Cons and the overall Verdict of the software, established thorough independent evaluation by a category specialist among Top Ten Review’s editorial staff. They also offer scores on “Ease of Use” and “Help & Support” of the top three CMMS providers based on the simplicity of the software and overall interactions with the company.

Another valuable review site is Software Advice. They supply an overview of a company, screenshots of the software, and include user reviews of their impressions, detailing what they like best, like least and specific recommendations to users currently on the road to finding the right CMMS for them.

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