eMaint Customer Hoyt Archery at the Rio Olympics

Archery at the 2016 Olympics in Rio have been some of the most exciting in the games so far. South Korea is currently in the lead, with two gold medals so far. If you take a closer look at the athletes, you will notice that many use bows from Hoyt Archery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of bows and archery accessories. Their bows are found in nearly 85% of the podium spots in the Olympics. Those enjoying the games experience Hoyt’s craftsmanship at work, but how do they manage the maintenance on all that production behind-the-scenes? With a little help from eMaint CMMS!
Hoyt 2016 OlympicsRio 2016 Olympics Hoyt
When the company first started looking for a CMMS, they needed something that would help plan and track labor and manage inventory for their department, and track key performance indicators. They also wanted a system to help minimize downtime by taking corrective, reactive, and preventive maintenance information and accurately forecasting labor requirements.
They began using eMaint and established categories for work orders, so they could be grouped by department. Because most production equipment in designed in house, they developed a bill of materials within eMaint to provide a list of parts needed for repairs when the equipment is rolled out to production and tracks costs of engineering projects. The Hoyt team also added photos of spare parts to the database to decrease look-up time and improve inventory accuracy.
Since implementing eMaint, Hoyt Archery has experienced:

  • 40% reduction in downtime
  • 77% increase in PM compliance
  • Maintenance history improves budget and labor forecast accuracy
  • Improved efficiency of assigning and completing work orders, reducing work backlog
  • Tracking spare parts and locations eliminates hours spent daily searching for parts
  • Better understanding of repair costs per asset
  • Auto Replenishment system lowers inventory costs and improves inventory turns

eMaint’s Sr. Consultant Greg Perry at an onsite with Hoyt Archery!
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