Justify Your CMMS With This Month's Free Best Practice Webinar

Wednesday, August 17th, Ralph Peters, President of Maintenance Excellence Institute, will be following up on the popular Best Practices Webinar, "Benchmarking Your CMMS", with additional material on cost justifying a CMMS system. 

Ralph W. "Pete" Peters will be discussing detailed CMMS justification factors from his book, Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices: A Profit and Customer-Centered Approach, with a real life case study from Argentina's largest steel maker, SIDERAR.

The case study will document the CMMS evaluation/selection process used, the projected benefits and ROI to cost justify system implementation and to validate actual results over time. For current users you will understand how to gain better value from an existing system and validate current ROI to top leaders.

Best Practices are enhanced by an effective new CMMS or an improved existing CMMS. You will learn: 

  • 7 key steps for gaining maximum value from a system
  • developing economic justification
  • implementing key best practices
  • improving overall craft productivity.

Whether you looking to purchase a CMMS or are a veteran user, you and your team can benefit from Ralph Peters' overview of CMMS selection, justification, and best practices enhancement from what is your "maintenance business system" for profit and customer service. 

Register Now for this informative session on August 17th at 1PM Eastern Time.

NOTE: One  attendee will be selected at random and will receive a free signed copy of Ralph Peters book,Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices: A Profit and Customer-Centered Approach. 


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