Light Tower Rentals Maximizes Efficiency through GPS Integration with eMaint CMMS

Headquartered in Odessa, Texas, Light Tower Rentals provides well-site rental equipment and services to oil and gas operators. Since the company’s inception in 1994, Light Tower Rentals has more than doubled in size, and expanded into 14 locations throughout the United States. The company has a variety of specialty equipment in its inventory, primarily industrial power generators, with approximately 8,700 assets across 14 offices.
In 2014, as the company grew and the number of assets increased, Light Tower Rentals sought a web-based, affordable and easy-to-use CMMS solution to manage maintenance and track assets across all locations.
As part of implementation, Light Tower Rentals installed GPS units on all engine assets to keep track of location and run hours, which are imported into eMaint at regular intervals and trigger preventive work orders based upon run-time.
The Light Tower Rentals team has more information at their fingertips than ever before with eMaint, with the ability to attach Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) instructions and create automatic PM generation based on equipment run time. Technicians can view, access and close out work orders in-the-field, and the ease of scheduling and robust eMaint dashboards significantly improved efficiency and communication company-wide.

“I enjoy working with eMaint, and I’m always anxious to see what else it can do,” said Linda Williams, Asset Management Coordinator and Light Tower Rentals. “I use the dashboards to their fullest extent because there is so much information available at our fingertips, and eMaint allows us to extract this information with great ease.”

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