New CMMS Feature: eMaint Image Mapping and Storage

eMaint’s new Interactive Image Mapping Tool helps users unlock the data within their CMMS. The tool is part of eMaint’s latest product release, and underscores our commitment to innovation and expansion of the platform.
The feature enriches the users experience by enabling them to visualize maintenance management data on a floor plan, schematic, site map, or any other image. Users can upload an image via eMaint’s document storage feature, and place pins on it that point to their asset, work order, work request or inventory record. When users hover over each pin, they will see a snapshot of the pinpointed item, and can click to directly access the full record, view work history and schedule work. Check out how it works:

“eMaint’s new image mapping tool is the next revolutionary step in leveraging technology to help make CMMS data more meaningful and accessible,” said eMaint’s CEO and Founder, Brian Samelson. “We are excited to introduce innovative tools to help our community of maintenance managers, facilities engineers and property managers better support their infrastructure.”
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