How Can CMMS Help Oil & Gas Companies Comply with NSPS OOOOa?

With the NSPS OOOOa regulations in full swing since September 2016, it has become increasingly vital for organizations to embrace safety, preventative maintenance, and CMMS solutions to provide support. NSPS OOOOa is the “New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities” law from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) backed by the Obama Administration. This legislation requires oil and gas companies to provide extensive information on their regulations and processes to reduce their Methane emissions among other air pollutants. The law acts as a response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.
A summary of the proposed NSPS OOOOa changes include:

  • New Generation compliance tracking, verification, and electronic reporting requirements
  • Initial compliance date generally one year after publication of final rule
  • Changes to the definition of a “new and “modified” and changes to the capital expenditure calculation methodology
  • Adds methane, which bring gas plant residue gas into monitoring programs for sources that trigger NSPS
  • Fugitive emission monitoring of production sites as well as compressors
  • Storage tank “fugitive emissions”
  • Expands the source category (oil well completions, pneumatic pumps, and fugitive emission components at well sites and compressor stations)nsps_oooo_3photos

Within the legislation, there are specific rules about record keeping, reporting and compliance tracking. CMMS solutions such as eMaint can help you better manage, control and monitor this data. With eMaint CMMS, oil and gas companies are empowered to:

  • Track work order history and charges related to each asset
  • Document work procedures to verify work is being carried out in accordance to regulations
  • Attach documents (such as safety manuals and procedures) to records
  • Track inventory and spare parts usage
  • Track labor and hours spent on each work order
  • Auto-generate, and set up email alerts for, Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks
  • Generate reports and dashboards to show KPI data
  • Track work requests to ensure on-time completion

eMaint’s Condition Monitoring tool also allows you to define acceptable boundaries for equipment operation, import readings and automatically generate a work order when boundaries are exceeded. This level of visibility empowers managers to identify failures early, prevent breakdowns and optimize maintenance resources.
Many oil and gas companies have been leveraging CMMS systems with impressive results. For example, Champion Technologies, an environmentally responsible global oilfield production chemical company, is subject to numerous environmental and safety audits. Champion uses eMaint’s reporting tools to generate reports needed for regulatory and ISO compliance. To meet the Responsible Care Audit environmental standard, Champion pulls all key information documenting maintenance history of assets to meet their air quality and environmental compliance objectives.
For more information on how to begin using eMaint CMMS to achieve NSPS OOOOa compliance, download our “Leveraging Your CMMS to Achieve Compliance,” or contact an eMaint representative today.

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