Research Shows that Organizations Seek FM Software to Improve Efficiency, Scheduling and Record Keeping


Whether it's used to manage maintenance for offices, school buildings, apartments or manufacturing plants, facilities management (FM) software is essential for effectively tracking equipment, scheduling recurring maintenance and generating reports to identify inefficiencies.

Software Advice™, a resource for evaluating facilities management software, surveyed facilities management organizations to gain insight into:

  • the most common methods that are used to perform duties,
  • how different industries use FM software, and
  • why they are seeking new software solutions.

Here's what they learned:

Many Buyers Have No Current System in Place for Managing Facilities

The largest percentage of buyers (28 percent) say they have no formal system in place. Coming in second, 23 percent say they use pen and paper.

Maintenance/facilities management systems, like eMaint X3, allow managers to enter work requests through the system itself, or by email, text message or via an online form. This range of electronic options can help site managers complete work more quickly, as they don't have to travel to and from service sites and the office to manually enter and print work requests.

Prospective Buyers’ Current Methods


Educational Managers Most Likely to Use Facilities Management System

Educational facilities managers tend to use software most often (37 percent), compared to 6 percent of those with offices and 12 percent for those in health care.

By Facility Type: Prospective Buyers’ Current Methods


Most Prospective Buyers Need New Software to Improve Record-Keeping

The greatest percentage (35 percent) cite challenges with keeping records for services performed. Another 22 percent need to improve maintenance scheduling.

A primary reason buyers seek software with strong record-keeping functionality is to maintain compliance and accountability. Facilities management systems, such as eMaint X3, can help companies comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, as well as other state-specific regulations, by maintaining organized and easily searchable records.

Top Reasons for Evaluating New Software



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