Secant Group Tracks Internal and External Compliance with eMaint CMMS

downloadSecant Group engineers biomaterials to facilitate the repair, recovery and regeneration of the human body. Michael Manacchio, Reliability & Facility Manager at Secant Group, was brought on board to take the company to the next level in reliability and maintainability.
The company put together a methodology to implement maintenance and reliability improvements. In order to achieve their goals, they needed to find an effective CMMS solution that was 21CFR part 11 compliant, able to be validated, and easy-to-use.
Once Manacchio found eMaint, a phased approach was put in place to include data entry, data migration, onsite training, and validation performed by Secant. Every week, Manacchio’s cross-functional implementation team held project improvement meetings to analyze their process and plan for the future.
The company has 47 mobile technicians & 11 full users logging their work time into eMaint to track labor resources, which has helped support a shift in maintenance behaviors by increasing accountability. Manacchio also appreciates the ability to personalize almost all aspects of the system to fit the company’s needs.
Benefits of eMaint CMMS for Secant Group:

  • Electronic signatures for 21CFR Part 11 compliance and validation
  • eMaint software supports culture change toward reliability
  • 100% adherence to online PM schedule
  • Software feature set, compliance, validation and personalization capabilities and support align with key goals at one-fifth the cost of the competition


“I’m impressed by the quality of eMaint CMMS and the quality of the people that present the product. I think you all have just been outstanding in your collaboration with your customers, the flexibility. When I call eMaint support, for the people there, it’s always no problem. I feel like eMaint truly puts the customer first.”

– Michael Manacchio, Reliability & Facility Manager, Secant Group

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