Why Implement a Mobile CMMS Solution?

These days, we use our phones to manage everything from waking up in the morning and reminding us to go to the grocery store after work to making sure your house is safe and secure while you are away on vacation. You don’t need to head home to log on to your desktop when you want to look something up on-the-go, so why should technicians be tied to their desks to use your CMMS solution?
A mobile CMMS solution helps to:

  • Streamline processes
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Sustain a paperless environment,
  • Improve communication
  • Improve visibility and transparency

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The results of these benefits include convenience, reduced printing, and the ability to submit work orders on the go. By streamlining processes, tedious and time consuming data entry can be reduced by technicians attaching barcodes to assets and scanning them into their CMMS with their mobile device. When technicians are able to approve/reject/assign work requests, open/close work orders, enter meter readings, and view/issue/return parts on their mobile devices, worker productivity is increased.  
Switching to a mobile CMMS solution eliminates the need to print out work orders because all the information will be stored on a mobile device.  Mobile CMMS also helps improve communication between employees, as supervisors can assign work orders and send instructions to technicians faster than it takes to make a phone call. Technicians can also close out work orders on-the-go so that supervisors are able to track and report completed work in real time.
Prior to implementing eMaint in 2010, MidFirst Bank had no CMMS system in place. With the help of eMaint’s mobile solution, employees were able to barcode all assets, receive work orders on-the-go, and automatically route work orders and email reports. The maintenance team had the ultimate goal of going mobile, so they assigned barcodes to assets in their facilities such as A/C units, doors, lights, and more. They also purchased iPhones for the employees so the mobile CMMS could help track the status of all work orders, making them more efficient in the process while on-the-go.
There have been numerous other clients with success using eMaint mobile CMMS. For example:

  • ATPwater reduced backlog of work orders and PMs in their system by being able to access the software from remote locations.
  • Spokane Industries increased labor productivity and higher PM completion with staff reduced by 50%.  They also Integrated purchasing and inventory management resulted in dramatic inventory reduction.
  • Crown Cork and Seal also reduced their inventory due to centralized part accessibility, and used barcodes to reduce monthly cycle count time by 75% for their Food Division.
  • Orange County Container Group improved their inventory management by automating replenishment through a multi-location inventory management system that can be accessed anywhere and anytime through a mobile device or tablet, resulting in paper reduction.
  • NEFCO reports that the number of hard copy records has been reduced rapidly since switching to eMaint.  Their mechanics have tablets, so they can review standard operating procedures, as well as open and close out work orders via electronic signatures in the field.

Visit eMaint’s Mobile Maintenance page for more information about why to go mobile with your CMMS. 

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