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Project Description

Cadillac Casting, Inc. Successfully Implements eMaint With Widespread Acceptance and Adoption

Customer Since: 2005 | Industry: Manufacturing

Cadillac Casting is a manufacturer of exhaust manifolds, steering knuckles and other cast components for the automotive industry. Implementation of eMaint was fast and easy, with users quickly adopting the software to meet their needs. They now had a system to help process and manage 30,000 annual work orders, and saving 95% of ongoing annual fees.

  • Saw Savings of 95% On Annual Software Fees

  • Gained Higher User Adoption Due to Faster, Friendlier System

  • Saw Savings of 66% On Up-Front Software Licensing Costs


Cadillac Casting was formed in 2005 specifically to purchase the existing ductile iron foundry that had been in operation since 1920. Cadillac is a manufacturer of exhaust manifolds, steering knuckles and other cast components for the automotive industry. The facilities department processes and manages 30,000 work orders annually and was seeking a CMMS system that could help aid in this management.


When Cadillac Casting acquired the Hayes Lemmerz Foundry in 2005, the facilities team there determined they needed to explore a more cost-effective CMMS option than the existing DataStream 7i solution they had been using when their operations were part of Hayes Lemmerz. If they chose to stay with 7i, they would be required to purchase a new license for the system, since the company was now a separate entity from Hayes Lemmerz.


In selecting eMaint to replace 7i, the facilities team at Cadillac Casting, lead by Brooks Lucas, determined that eMaint CMMS provided the best value in terms of speed and performance, efficiency, system functionality and ease-of-use. A cost-comparison helped illustrate the benefit of switching for the team.

  Datastream 7i eMaint Enterprise
Licensing Costs $60,000 $20,000
Annual Fees $40,000 $2,000


  • A faster, friendlier system that quickly gained user acceptance and adoption.
  • Up-front licensing costs savings of 66%
  • Ongoing annual fee savings of 95%

“Switching from 7i to eMaint was not difficult, and the benefits were immediate. eMaint is faster, easier to use, and is not cumbersome for the end users to learn and operate. I have recommended eMaint to others.”

Brooks L., Facilities Director, Cadillac Casting, Inc