Condition Monitoring with Thermal Imaging Sensor to Enhance Your Reliability

Adding predictive measurement modalities like Thermal Imaging to your reliability program allows you to have a proactive rather than reactive response to potential breakdowns, problems that could lead to failures in other equipment down the line.

Remote Monitoring solution with Thermal Imaging sensors can capture Infrared images of your equipment, reduce downtime, optimize labor spend and improve ROI.

During this month’s Best Practices Webinar session, Frederic Baudart, Lead Product Application Specialist at Fluke Corporation, will discuss the Fluke 3550 FC Thermal Imaging Sensor. Attendees will be provided with an understanding of:

– Real-time remote monitoring of heat patterns for improved decision making
– Adding a “Scanning” layer to your tiered proactive maintenance program with remote monitoring thermal imaging sensors
– Versatile, Portable Thermal Imaging sensor which tracks historical trends and thermal conditions to detect and predict faults
– Alarms that are generated when preset limits are exceeded

Original session held on September 13, 2017

Upcoming Live Best Practices Webinar

Topic: Failure Modes to Failure Codes
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm ET (10:00am CT, 9:00am MT, 8:00am PT, 4:00pm GMT)
Speaker: John Reeve, CRL, Author and CMMS Champion at TRM
As an improvement initiative, chronic failure analysis may be the most significant benefit yet to be realized by the world of asset management. This month’s webinar explains exactly how to start capturing a true failure mode in support of RCM.

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