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Dana Corp. Successfully Migrated from Legacy System and Achieved Rapid eMaint Adoption

Customer Since: 2014 | Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

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The Dana Holding Corporation is a worldwide supplier of powertrain components such as service parts, axles, transmissions, driveshafts and much more. After realizing their CMMS software system was outdated, Dana Corp. chose to implement eMaint in 2014. Within a four month period, the company seamlessly imported their assets, configured the system to suit their needs, and trained over 250 end users.

  • Increased Visibility Of All Maintenance Activities

  • Migrated Successfully From Legacy System

  • Justified Resource Costs By Generating MTBF & MTTR reports

Dana Corporation was interviewed by Maintenance Technology for their article “CMMS Drives Maintenance Efficiency: Robust data and extensive CMMS use put vehicle-parts manufacturing company in the reliability driver’s seat.” Click Here to Read the Full Article.


Dana Corp. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete drivetrain systems for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and light trucks. The company is implementing a $30 million investment in its facility in Fort Wayne, IN, which spans one million square feet, employs over 550 employees in three shifts, and operates seven days a week. Robert McKenna, Maintenance Technical Supervisor at Dana, and Craig Linthicum, Electrical Technician/Maintenance Planner at Dana, are in charge of managing the maintenance at this facility.


After years of using DataStream 7i to manage maintenance, the software became outdated. Dana Corp. searched for a web-based solution that would allow them to access real-time data on the production floor, manage work orders and documents, and manage overall maintenance on their 1,500 machines. “When we first looked at eMaint, we were impressed with the information that we were capable of having on the work order itself, eliminating the need to look for instructions or safety manuals separately.” explained Robert McKenna.


After coming on board as eMaint clients in 2014, Dana Corp. imported their assets, configured the system to suit their needs, and trained over 250 end users–all within a four month period. A high priority during the implementation was to make the transition seamless for the end users, so Dana Corp. tailored their forms to look very similar to their previous system, and had an eMaint Trainer come on site for three days to train team leaders, the maintenance team, and the general staff.

The company’s implementation process entailed creating customized emergency, safety and PM work order forms, building “Bills of Materials” for all assets, and setting up robust dashboards. The team uses dashboard widgets to analyze MTBF, MTTR and other KPIs, as well as to upload educational and safety videos for technicians to watch during their shifts. “It makes it really easy for us to have everything in one central location, including our training videos. Our technicians can do everything right from within eMaint,” said Craig Linthicum.


  • Justified the need for replacing machines and adding maintenance team members using MTBF & MTTR reports
  • Implemented eMaint system quickly and seamlessly with the assistance of eMaint training and account management services
  • Improved visibility of all maintenance activities and KPIs for finance, engineering and uppermanagement
  • Created customized dashboards for technicians to watch educational and safety videos
  • Successfully migrated from legacy system

“When we rolled out the eMaint system, we started with the basics and then added more components over time. This process, coupled with a three-day eMaint training, made it a successful transition for our entire maintenance team.”

Robert M., Maintenance Technical Supervisor, Dana Corp.