Like in many industries, companies in life sciences are appropriately held to strict reporting and auditing standards. Countless lives depend on the goods and services that beauty, healthcare, biotechnology, and other life science companies provide. As such, they’re heavily regulated by governments.

eMaint, a top-rated CMMS software for life sciences, simplifies compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulations. It does so by creating the digital paper trail needed for inspections. Tracking maintenance activities, giving workers centralized access to procedures and processes, and ensuring secure and accurate records are imperative for a successful audit. Supporting documentation, such as the complete history of repairs performed on a piece of equipment, is easy to share with auditors and stakeholders.

The robust and customizable features in eMaint help life sciences companies improve their operations through increased reliability and repeatability.


eMaint also helps life sciences companies with equipment calibration. Ensure your assets remain in compliance by automating calibration work orders and tracking schedules and preventive maintenance (PM) work completion. Streamline recordkeeping by digitizing all calibration activities, including tests and measurements. Eliminate bulky binders, reduce errors, and simplify regulatory compliance and audits. eMaint even generates alerts when connected condition-monitoring readings fall outside the chosen tolerance ranges.

With eMaint, you’re always ready for an audit or inspection.

Ensure regulatory compliance

by creating a digital paper trail and digital signatures for industry audits, such as compliance with Part 11 of Title 21 CFR.

Improve asset reliability

by protecting your sensitive products from the fallout caused by unplanned downtime or outages.

Increase accountability

with automated report and dashboard generation for tracking KPIs or providing documentation to inspectors.

CMMS features for life sciences

eMaint CMMS Reports and Dashboards

Trend environment and

Condition monitoring features enable you to define boundaries for equipment operation, import readings, and create charts and graphs of your results. Keep tabs on lighting, HVAC, air quality, or other necessary systems to ensure they are operating according to health standards.

Mobile facility maintenance

Interactive mobile

The mobile maintenance solution helps your team complete inspections on the go using a smartphone or tablet. Access real-time information from anywhere in your facility or from a different location entirely. eMaint provides support across multiple sites.

CMMS Work Order Tracking

Thorough work orders
for tracking

Generate work orders and submit work requests via a login, email, or form. Attach relevant regulation or asset-specific documents directly to work orders for reference. Most importantly, prove on-time work completion for reports, audits, and inspections.

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