Project Description

Anaergia trusts eMaint CMMS software to support its mission of sustaining the planet

Customer Since: 2017 | Industry: Renewable Energy

When it comes to helping save planet Earth, Anaergia is doing its part. The Carlsbad, Calif., company builds and operates resource recovery facilities worldwide that convert waste to energy and help protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions. To better sustain its own operations and customer-run facilities, Anaergia needed a more powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. The organization chose eMaint.

  • Saved time by optimizing pass/fail inspection rounds using categorization

  • Automated triggers for corrective action if an asset fails an inspection

  • Enabled CMMS data to show per hour amounts of organics processed at facilities



Anaergia uses cutting-edge technology to convert garbage, food waste, and wastewater into fuel, clean water, fertilizer, and electricity. The organic waste is processed using a broad spectrum of industrial machinery, including proprietary equipment. In the example of wastewater, they are able to fully support their electric requirements, parasitically, plus export electricity to the local grid.

“It’s basically taking what is completely a waste resource and turning it into an energy house to provide for the surrounding community,” says David Felzer, Global Service Operations Engineer for Anaergia.

In 2020, Anaergia will complete the Rialto Bioenergy Facility, the largest plant of its kind in North America. Located in San Bernardino County, Calif., the facility will produce the equivalent of 13 megawatts of clean energy per year and reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 220,000 metric tons annually.


Anaergia wanted robust CMMS software that could be tailored to fit its diverse global client needs. More than 1,000 municipal, industrial, commercial, and agricultural markets worldwide employ the company’s integrated solutions.

Anaergia’s Felzer was tasked with finding an advanced CMMS software product that could automate tasks and optimize workflows. A colleague had previously identified the eMaint CMMS as a good fit, and Felzer’s own research confirmed that it was the best choice.


Before eMaint, some Anaergia facilities commonly handwrote maintenance activity in notebooks, or they shared asset performance information verbally. Some facility personnel were unfamiliar with automated, web-based CMMS software.

Felzer quickly became the resident eMaint CMMS expert by attending training, boot camps, and administration training classes. He found numerous ways to save time with the CMMS, including using it to de-clutter work order lists and group inspection rounds by process category.

He now oversees multiple systems around the world. When customers want to start managing the system themselves, he feels confident in handing it over to eMaint CMMS-trained personnel. Facility M&R teams handily use the software to autogenerate PMs, input work orders, log corrective work orders, and create reports showing work completions and more.


With proof of concept in place at many of Anaergia’s facilities, including the government-owned municipal solid waste plant in Limassol, Cyprus, and the Toronto (Canada) Dufferin Organics Processing Facility, the company approaches new customers knowing it has a powerful, customizable, and scalable CMMS software solution to offer as part of the package.

Felzer eagerly awaits the release of the eMaint CMMS X5 software version, with its advanced global, multi-language capability. In advance, he is building the groundwork for maximizing the system’s money-saving parts inventory management feature.

“I’d definitely say Anaergia plans to implement the new eMaint X5 CMMS software in its upcoming project. Being a global company, acquiring parts from various regions of the world, whether it’s in pounds, euros, dollars, … being able to store the base price and follow that in multiple currencies will be a huge benefit.”

David Felzer, Anaergia Global Service Operations Engineer