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Second Presbyterian Church Uses eMaint Tracking to Reduce Spending and Costs

Customer Since: 2006 | Industry: Non-Profit

The Second Presbyterian Church is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The church was in need of a system that was easy to use, but adaptable enough to meet their specific needs. eMaint was implemented, and allowed the church to meeting manage the grounds, and track over 500 pieces of equipment, which are barcoded and assigned rooms. With eMaint, the church can make more precise budget calculations, generate weekly updates on status, and track progress across multiple projects.

  • Improved Budget Estimates Through Cost & Inventory Tracking

  • Reduced Administrative Duties By Converting Requests to Work Orders

  • Saved Time & Streamlined Work By Communicating through Work Orders


When Dennis Dallape joined Second Presbyterian as Facilities Manager in 1996, he began searching for a new CMMS solution for the 160,000 square foot church located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Coming from the hotel business, Dallape understood the importance of using a CMMS system but found Second Presbyterian’s legacy CMMS system better suited for industrial uses, expensive, and difficult to customize for the specific needs of the aging facility. When another facilities manager recommended eMaint CMMS at a conference, Dallape saw the potential for productive change.


Tracking inventory, performing preventive maintenance, tracking and assigning work requests, and managing renovation projects for the old Gothic-style building, which houses 150 rooms and hundreds of pieces of equipment would save time and money. A system to organize the tasks of Second Presbyterian’s nine maintenance workers would streamline communication throughout the maintenance department. Second Presbyterian needed a cost-effective CMMS system that was easy to use yet allowed for customization to suit their specific needs.


eMaint’s team helped Second Presbyterian convert from Faciliworks to a new, more suitable system and easily migrated all of the stored maintenance history. Configurations allowed Second Presbyterian to use eMaint to manage all of the grounds and facilities, incorporating work requests, inspections, corrective maintenance, and maintenance costs. The eMaint software allows them to track over 500 pieces of equipment in-house and outside, including nearly all fixed assets and consumables.

All pieces of equipment and fixed assets are barcoded and assigned room numbers so their location is trackable. When Second Presbyterian needed the ability to track renovation projects and associated costs across multiple work orders, eMaint was able to deliver the changes to their exact specifications overnight. They are planning to integrate eMaint’s mobile software into their repertoire to save additional time and money.


The historical maintenance data they have collected has allowed Second Presbyterian to make more precise budget calculations and negotiate contracts with groups that use their facilities and contractors they hire for outside maintenance. They are also able to use their work history as a knowledge base when needed for major repairs. The reporting system generates weekly updates on status, facilitating the tracking of progress across multiple projects.


  • Work orders reduced the need for meetings
  • Work request conversion to work orders reduces administration burden
  • Communication through work orders reduces time and streamlines work effort for maintenance workers
  • Tracking costs and inventory improves budget estimates
  • Work history and project cost tracking aids negotiations with outside groups and contractors
  • Customized fields allow tracking of major renovation projects and associated costs
  • Work history knowledge base assists with repairs

“We needed a system to track separate tasks associated with renovation projects, and overnight it was delivered. eMaint’s configurability and customer service is excellent.”

Dennis D., Facilities Manager, Second Presbyterian Church