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Your searchable, flexible, asset maintenance management software command center. Save time and maximize equipment lifespan.

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eMaint CMMS streamlines the asset organization, tracking, and lifecycle management of global, asset-intensive businesses.

  • Gives you detailed asset info, status, and maintenance history, just a few clicks away
  • Empowers you with data & reporting that reveals asset lifecycle insights
  • Connects your teams with a mobile app & asset barcode scanning
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We want to hear from you: what’s your biggest challenge? Learn how eMaint CMMS can help.

You have 1000s of assets, years of maintenance history, and multiple work sites — find what you need quickly.

Discover winning strategies and standardize across your teams.

Manage Your Assets With Ease & Gain an Eagle-Eye View

Explore an organized asset hierarchy, view detailed maintenance records, and chart a course to optimal asset lifespan.

You’re busy. Let eMaint help you manage your 1000s of assets throughout their lifecycles.

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Simple, searchable, organized

Browse a searchable asset hierarchy that gets you the info you need quickly. Your view is configurable — drag & drop columns, edit labels, and personalize your workspace.

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Monitor asset health, lifecycle, & maintenance records

See current asset status, location, and key info like related spare parts. Review maintenance history and discover time and cost-saving insights. Track lifecycle, from purchase to EOL, and optimize equipment utilization.

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See the bigger picture: asset profitability

Your asset health is key to reducing maintenance costs and driving production. Build powerful dashboards that give deep insight into utilization, condition monitoring, and failure trends.

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“We felt eMaint was a good partner… Being coupled with Fluke, eMaint provides a solid solution through their products and vast experience in asset management.”

Frank Lanno, OpEx Director for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Enterprise CMMS: Multi-Site, Multilingual, Global

eMaint is both a CMMS and EAM, offering asset management, spare parts inventory, and enterprise-level reporting across your worksites.

emaint CMMS - Multi-Site screen

Manage global maintenance with confidence — and ensure nothing gets lost in translation

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Discover & standardize a winning strategy across many worksites

eMaint is a multi-site CMMS: you can customize display, settings, and permissions from a master account. Implement best practices throughout sites via workflows and work order procedures — standardizing compliance and success.

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Enterprise-level reporting & data standardization

Enjoy streamlined reporting thanks to uniform maintenance data. Quickly build dashboards that give insight into equipment status, uptime, OEE, and maintenance costs. Discover where you can save time and money across the enterprise.

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Simplified global teamwork across languages and countries

Work across 27+ languages, configuring different languages for different users or sites, with local translation support at your fingertips. eMaint also converts currencies, time zones, and numerical formats.

Key Asset Info in the Palm of
Your Hand

The eMaint mobile CMMS / EAM app gives you access to asset details, work orders, and parts charges — both in the field and offline.

eMaint work order mobile app

Find assets in a few taps — and ensure your team never goes dark in the field

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Mobile makes life easy

Snap a photo of a broken machine and submit a work request via QR code. Get asset info instantly with barcode scanning. Complete work orders, approve requests, and book parts in the field.


Asset details are a few taps away

Find assets quickly, attach to work orders, and view work history. Complete route-based equipment inspections. Discover and knock out nearby open work orders when you’re already in the field for one of them.


Maximize efficiency in the field, even in remote, network-unfriendly worksites

Talk to your team 24/7. Receive mobile push notifications for work order updates. Work offline in remote or network-unfriendly areas: your changes will sync automatically once a connection is re-established.

Find Spare Parts Quickly & Fine-Tune Inventory Levels

Manage your parts inventory, mitigate costs, and improve mean time to repair (MTTR)

eMaint CMMS Parts screen

Downtime disasters are coming — be ready with critical spares in hand

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Spare parts at the ready for asset failures

Easily find the parts you need and assign them to work orders or PMs. Make sure critical spares are ready to go for MRO emergencies. Note relevant spares in asset details to make sure techs are up to speed when machine faults strike.

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Optimize your inventory: always in stock, never out of budget

Manage inventory levels and fine-tune part counts to prevent both shortages and overspending. The eMaint Parts Reorder List shows you parts that dip below your set counts. eMaint POs and ERP integration streamlines purchasing.

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A global maintenance storeroom

Browse, request, and share parts across worksites. Get access to critical spares from other storerooms when production line nightmares become reality and key parts are missing. Build parts inventory reports for the entire organization, seeing trends in costs and MTTR.