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Maximize Asset Lifespan, Boost Uptime & OEE, Supercharge Production

eMaint Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an award-wining EAM software from Fluke Reliability that leads the industry in customer care, time-to-value, and ROI.

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Ready to maximize your ROI and break free from the hidden costs, painful integrations, and support nightmares of a traditional EAM?

Enterprises like yours have used eMaint to…

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Boost average uptime
to 95%

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Reduce service expenses
by $100,000+ a year

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Achieve 100% on-time PM
completion rate

We want to hear from you: what’s your biggest challenge? Talk to a specialist to learn how eMaint EAM can help.

Fluke Reliability

Your Trusted Partners in MRO

eMaint is a Fluke Reliability company. Together, we have 100+ years of experience to draw on,
mastering the art of customer care and delivering a true ROI for our customers.

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Begin your connected reliability journey
Fluke Reliability is a global leader in test and measurement tools, vibration analysis, SCADA integration, EAM software, and beyond. eMaint EAM gives you access to a connected reliability ecosystem — hardware and software connected, empowering teams with data-driven decision making.

Man and woman in white hardhats and high-visibility vests looking at a laptop in a warehouse and discussing a maintenance strategy.

Best-in-class customer support
Our in-house, eMaint-dedicated support team is here to help — without unnecessary charges. We simplify EAM implementation and map out a strategy to save you time, boost uptime, and enhance OEE.

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Delivering a true return on investment
We view our relationship with our user community as a true partnership, giving them access to expert-level support, flexible configuration, and new features without unnecessary costs. Customers often make the move to eMaint after being overcharged for years by leading EAM software providers — and discover that eMaint helps boost uptime, enhance asset lifespan, and cut costs without extra charges.

Here’s a story of how Jack Daniel Cooperage utilized
Fluke Sensors and eMaint to shift into a predictive maintenance
model, so they can ensure asset health and machine uptime.

Enterprise Asset Management: Your Global Strategy, Standardized

Discover the secrets to boosting your uptime, OEE, and production efficiency with enterprise reporting, and standardize them across teams and countries. Manage work orders, assets, and spare parts. Go mobile, tap into SCADA data, and connect your ERP.

One maintenance & reliability strategy to rule them all, standardized across your enterprise.


Your global maintenance command center

Discover winning strategies with centralized asset data and simplified enterprise-level reports and dashboards. eMaint is a multi-site EAM: configure workspaces, languages, currencies, settings, and permissions. Get detailed asset info quickly and trust in a global spare parts storeroom for emergencies.

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Gain a wealth of data from our connected reliability ecosystem

eMaint is part of a connected reliability ecosystem: connect to your team in the field with the mobile app, tap into SCADA systems, perform condition monitoring with AI-powered analysis, and integrate with your ERP.

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Simplified regulatory compliance and audit reporting

Establish compliant processes, house documents, and route work orders through levels of approval from sanitation, quality, and safety. Optimize your digital recordkeeping practices to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Be ready for audits with easy-to-build dashboards that simplify IATF, ISO, OSHA, SQF, and BRC inspections.

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“We had an audit done by BMW in our Hopkinsville facility after we started implementing eMaint across the other plants. They described it as world-class. When you can sit a customer in front of a computer and basically show them your entire operation, they were very impressed.”

Brent, Technical Group Manager for Martinrea Metallics

Find Spares Quickly & Optimize Your Inventory Levels

Manage spare parts, monitor inventory, and improve mean time to repair (MTTR).

Be ready for downtime disasters where critical spares make the difference

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Spare parts at the ready

Track your parts, quickly navigate to what you need, and assign to work orders. Ensure critical spares are available for maintenance emergencies.

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Get inventory levels just right: always on hand, never out of budget

Oversee inventory levels and optimize to prevent both shortages and overspending. Parts Reorder List shows parts that dip below set limits. Gain visibility on slow-moving parts and plan accordingly. Streamlined purchasing with eMaint POs and ERP integration (SAP, NetSuite, Sage Intacct).

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Trust in a global maintenance storeroom

Request and share spare parts across worksites in enterprise-level or global businesses. Reduce downtime: get critical spares from other sites when production line disasters happen and necessary parts are missing. View inventory reporting on the entire organization.

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“We can hold one spare part across several warehouses, whereas before we were holding one spare part in every warehouse because nobody knew what each actually had.”

Matt Winter, Head of Engineering at NEXT

Enterprise Reporting & Compliance, Simplified

Reporting is easy with eMaint. Discover growth opportunities and demonstrate success to leadership. Be ready for audits and optimize for compliance.

You’re busy. Let eMaint take care of audit prep and maintenance KPI madness.

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You don’t need to be a data analyst

Our team will design reports and dashboards for you — giving you instant insight into your maintenance activities and KPIs. Or, design impressive reports and powerful dashboards yourself in a few clicks. We’re here to help, 24/7.

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Track KPIs across the enterprise: uptime, MTTR, OEE, and more

eMaint standardizes maintenance data, streamlining enterprise-level reporting. Review maintenance and asset history so you can chart a course to reduced costs and stronger reliability.

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Production shuts down when audits go wrong. Luckily, eMaint prepares you

Establish compliant practices and controls. Route work orders through sanitation, quality, and safety. The eMaint audit trail and password-protected e-signatures streamline 21 CFR Part 11 digital recordkeeping compliance. Be ready for audits with easy-to-build dashboards that simplify IATF, ISO, OSHA, SQF, and BRC inspections.

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“I have several PM reports that autogenerate to me and give me the status of open PMs, overdue PMs, and PM completion percentage, which is huge. We are slated to have 100% PM completion on a weekly basis.”

Martin Nelson, Maintenance & Engineering Manager at Jack Daniels Cooperage

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Ease of Doing Business

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Product Going in Right Direction

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Calibrate with Confidence

Manage, schedule, and track calibration so you can trust in your equipment and your compliance. Calibrations, failures, and maintenance are woven together into a detailed tapestry of asset life.

Simplify calibration, prepare for ISO 9001 compliance, and reduce downtime

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Built-In Calibration Planning

Your team can create calibration schedules, reference key documents and SOPs, track standards used for calibration testing, and design workflows to automate processes and alerts. Drag and drop calendaring and easily accessible calibration records streamline processes.

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Calibration-friendly work orders

Track calibration measurements as part of work orders. Set up target test points, choosing the parameter you want to calibrate, required tools, the acceptable tolerance, and more. Take measurements, indicate whether the asset is in tolerance or deviation from target. Later, pull a traceability report to track standards used from a quality standpoint.

Calibration audits icon

Prepare for calibration audits with confidence

Demonstrate ISO 9001 compliance in a few clicks with eMaint reports and dashboards. Quickly show auditors traceable calibration data embedded in your work orders, assets, and audit trail. Customize and print your own cal labels for route-based inspections.

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“Since we chose eMaint, I’ve been able to reduce our work orders from about 500 a month to around 50—and now we do a lot of PMs… We’ve increased our uptime from an average of 80% to 95, 96, even 97% for some production lines.”

James Kalinski, Facility Engineer at Advanced Atomization

Mobile EAM: Manage Maintenance On the Go

The eMaint mobile app connects your teams, whether they’re on the factory floor, in the field, or working offline.

Missing information & siloed teams lead to maintenance nightmares — that’s where a mobile EAM comes in

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Mobile work orders make life easy

Complete work orders, approve work requests, and book parts in the field. Check off tasks, upload pictures, and access documents. Track work hours and require e-signatures for work order completion.

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Asset details at your fingertips

Browse assets or scan asset barcodes to view details and work history. Complete inspections. Take care of many birds with one stone: see other open work orders when you’re already in the field. Gather asset data from Fluke Multimeters. Submit work requests by using your camera to scan asset QR codes.

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Work in the field and offline

Work offline in remote or network-unfriendly areas: your changes will sync automatically once a connection is re-established. Receive push notifications for work order updates in the field.

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“Your system is by far the best that I could find. I’m so pleased with how eMaint works, especially having access to the mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Offline work is another thing that pushed us your way. Other companies didn’t offer that, and we’re sometimes out in the middle of nowhere.”

Sandi Gogert, Fleet and Housing Administrator at Gee Whiz

eMaint CMMS Spare Parts screenshot

Seamless EAM Integration: Your Key Business Systems, Connected

Connect to 1000+ apps, ERPs, SCADA & PLC systems, and beyond with eMaint integrations

Say goodbye to data entry errors, dueling inventory records, and complex, costly integrations

Flexible API icon

Flexible API and low-code integration

Connect via the eMaint API or use eMaint low-code integration that simplifies the process and offers pre-built workflows and recipes. Integrate your EAM with 1000+ apps, from NetSuite to Salesforce and Power BI.

Work orders icon

Automate time-wasting tasks & dataflows

Build workflows with eMaint that simplify tasks and share data across teams. Eliminate data entry errors and duplicate values — achieving high data quality. Automate work orders and share alarms across the organization. Unite maintenance and finance with ERP integrations: reqs, POs, labor or part charges, and more.


Put your finger on the asset health pulse with siloed SCADA & PLC data

eMaint gives you the power to tap into production monitoring data from SCADA, PLC, RTU, BMS/BAS, and MES/MOM systems — key data that drives smart business decisions. Reduce labor by automating measurements. Maximize uptime by automating condition-based work orders.

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“I’ve been extremely pleased with eMaint. The configurability has just been so dynamic. I can go to [the eMaint team] with the most unique, off the wall request for data possible, and within 24 hours, [they’ve] produced what I’ve asked for.”

Shaun Niles, Director of Operations Solutions at Inframark

Monitor Assets & Predict Failures with Condition Monitoring

eMaint condition monitoring is a cloud-based software that empowers everyone from newcomers to vibration pros to track assets and predict faults and failures.

eMaint CMMS Condition Monitoring screenshot

Downtime disasters are coming — but eMaint condition monitoring can stop them in their tracks

Alarm clock icon

See machine failures coming

Monitor asset health with Fluke wireless vibration sensors. Alarms notify you when vibration data exceeds normal levels. Set up advanced alarms to recognize narrowband indications of faults like misalignment or imbalance. Receive email alerts and updates.

Vibration icon

You don’t need to be a vibration expert

Explore historical vibration data, discover trends, and deep-dive into the FFT spectrum for in-depth analysis. AI recognizes the four major rotating machinery faults and provides maintenance recommendations.

Checklist icon

Respond quickly to failures, maximizing uptime & strengthening reliability

Automate eMaint work orders to trigger when vibration data from Fluke sensors indicates a fault or failure. Evolve your maintenance program into the time-saving, cost-cutting, KPI-boosting strategy of predictive maintenance.

Quote icon

“Now we’re not only getting our preventive maintenance where it needs to be, we’ve also moved into the predictive maintenance side… I like the way that it does the reporting and auto-generates the work orders when it’s out of its threshold—over the temperature or vibration.”

Martin Nelson, Maintenance & Engineering Manager at Jack Daniel Cooperage