What is a CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software—also known as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software—are solutions that improve the way leaders manage maintenance operations, teams, inventory, workflows, compliance, and other processes or activities.Image of what a CMMS looks like using eMaint CMMS

Purpose of a CMMS?

CMMS software solutions provide a central repository for all asset data, work orders, materials and inventory, and other vital information for maintenance teams. Using a CMMS, maintenance and reliability professionals can track work activities, parts usage, and asset lifecycle. Labor resources can be maximized through improved planning and scheduling, and the reduction of time spent on data entry and unnecessary maintenance tasks.

The digital record keeping capabilities of software simplifies audits and reporting, making staying in compliance faster and easier. When compliance auditors show up for FDA, ISO, SHA, or GMP regulations, there’s no need to scramble. eMaint CMMS helps teams:

  • Generate reports and dashboards
  • Track work order history, work requests, and calibration
  • Attach documents to records and document procedures
  • Record labor and hours spent

eMaint CMMS is as mobile as the teams that use is, allowing members to access information at their fingertips. Users can track key performance measurements, spot trends, report on component failures and more—no matter where they are.

Using a CMMS to improve communication and transparency, as well as worker productivity, boosts an organizations efficiency and asset availability. By preventing failures, instead of reacting to them, it is possible for an organization to maximize uptime and production. With reduced costs and increased uptime potential, maintenance transforms from a drag on budgets to a business value add. To learn more about a eMaint being part of the Fluke family and awards they have received click here to see an overview which further explains what is a CMMS.

About eMaint CMMS

eMaint, a Fluke company, is a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution that assists thousands of businesses worldwide to manage enterprise assets, streamline workflows, track inventory and schedule preventive and predictive maintenance.

The core functionalities include tools for tracking, managing and controlling work orders and requests, inventory and spare parts, work schedules and assignment, monitoring equipment condition and supporting regulatory compliance.

eMaint’s web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution can be accessed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and any other browser-based device. Every eMaint subscription package includes a Customer Success Manager, unlimited helpdesk support (via phone, email and live chat), daily data backup, and software updates and enhancements.

This solution can be configured for businesses of any size, from small organizations to Fortune 500 corporations, and is flexible enough to serve a variety of industries, including (but not limited to) manufacturing, facilities management, fleet, energy, healthcare and universities.

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