Predictive Maintenance

See machine failures coming and notify your team immediately, preventing downtime and informing your maintenance planning.

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eMaint CMMS equips your team to perform predictive maintenance: sensors alert you to coming failures, and work orders trigger automatically to inform your team.

  • Taps into asset data from Fluke sensors and SCADA systems & notifies you of faults or failures with alarms

  • Gives you deep insight into asset health with condition monitoring software
  • Empowers you to automate work orders that trigger when failures may be coming
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Downtime disasters are coming — and for some businesses, that can mean a loss of as much as $100,000 per hour of shutdown. eMaint gives you the ability to predict failures, respond to them quickly, and optimize your maintenance planning for the months and years ahead.

We want to hear from you: what’s your biggest challenge? Learn how eMaint CMMS can help.

Monitor Assets, Set Alarms, and See Failures Coming

eMaint gathers data from Fluke vibration sensors and can tap into SCADA/PLC systems.

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Don’t spend your days firefighting unplanned downtime — sensors give you the data you need to prevent failures

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Monitor asset health with sensors

eMaint connects seamlessly with Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensors. You can also tap into SCADA, PLC, BAS/BMS, and MES/MOM systems. Monitor your critical assets, gaining quick insights into vibration and temperature levels. Choose when and how often to capture measurements.

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Predict possible faults & failures with alarms

Set up alarms to update your on asset status and notify your team of possible faults. Trigger alarms when vibration levels exceed overall limits. Set alarms to go off when vibration signatures match narrowband indications of the four major rotating machinery faults: misalignment, looseness, imbalance, and bearing failure.

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Respond to failures immediately, boosting uptime

eMaint condition monitoring makes sure the right person at the right time is notified when vibration levels exceed your limits. Receive email alerts and updates. Automate work orders to trigger when asset data heralds a failure.

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“Since we chose eMaint, I’ve been able to reduce our work orders from about 500 a month to around 50—and now we do a lot of PMs… We’ve increased our uptime from an average of 80% to 95, 96, even 97% for some production lines”

James Kalinski, Facility Engineer at Advanced Atomization

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Simplified Condition Monitoring Software

eMaint condition monitoring simplifies vibration analysis and provides AI recommendations.

Your asset is in danger of failing. Now what? Our vibration analysis software can help — and our AI has a few suggestions.

Simple, flexible data exploration

Quickly navigate between assets and easily filter to the vibration data snapshots you need. Drag & drop vibration charts for comparison. Track & trend overall vibration readings and dive into the FFT spectrum to determine sources of excess vibration.

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Discover strategies that strengthen machine health & reliability

Explore historical data to get a complete picture of machine health over time. Review maintenance history, usage, and uptime in eMaint CMMS. Find common causes of faults and failures, document them, and eliminate them — increasing asset uptime.

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AI recommendations that help non-experts

eMaint’s AI analysis can recognize more than 1600 combinations of fault factors. Get AI-powered maintenance and corrective work suggestions based on specific faults. Receive email notifications with the urgency of the response action, severity of the fault, and prescribed corrections in easy-to-understand language.

Connect Your Teams & Automate Work Orders

Everything is connected. eMaint can tap into your condition monitoring data to automate notifications and work orders.

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Missing information, siloed teams, and slow downtime response lead to maintenance nightmares. Luckily, you have eMaint.


Automate work orders & maximize uptime

Automate work orders to trigger based on Fluke sensor or SCADA/PLC alarms. Respond quickly to production line disasters. Set up automated work orders to include standard instructions, procedures, or tasks, compliance documents, expected tools and parts.

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Mobile makes life easy

Connect your teams in the field and offline with the eMaint mobile app. Send them work orders in the field that pop up as push notifications on their smartphone or tablet. Once your asset alarms go off and a work order is automatically generated, techs can perform predictive maintenance in the field, completing the work order from their phone.

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Build a winning maintenance strategy

See machine faults coming, sometimes months in advance, and plan accordingly, prioritizing work and allocating resources. Quickly and easily build enterprise-level reports and dashboards. Discover insights that boost KPIs and drive production with an eagle-eye view of both condition monitoring data and maintenance history.