Automotive CMMS Software for
TPM and Audit Compliance

Boost uptime and break down data silos with easy-to-use eMaint CMMS

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Meet eMaint, the award-winning CMMS for automotive manufacturing. eMaint simplifies total productive maintenance (TPM), MRO inventory management, audit compliance, and much more. Take the helm of a command center that taps into siloed data — from IIoT sensors to SCADA systems and ERP platforms — empowering you with insights that maximize uptime, reduce MTTR, and drive production.

eMaint is designed to streamline maintenance management for streamline maintenance
, commercial vehicle, off highway, and aftermarket industrial plants.

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Say Goodbye to Paper PMs

Digital work orders and a mobile CMMS app connect teams and reduce response times.

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Reduce Unplanned Downtime

See machine failures coming with 24/7 condition monitoring, automate work orders, and plan ahead.

eMaint X5 computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) can help access procedures and process repository.

Easy IATF, ISO, OSHA Audit Prep

User-friendly dashboards offer quick visibility for customer audits, PM compliance, MTTR, and more.

Automotive plants typically lose $22,000 per minute when production lines stop.
Our TPM experts will help you to defend against unplanned downtime.

“Utilizing the reporting function has helped us better manage maintenance at our four locations, and has made the auditing and certification process much less painful.”

– Troy Design & Manufacturing

Top 5 Benefits of eMaint for Automotive Manufacturers

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Mobile CMMS: Work on the Go & Offline

Manage work orders from anywhere, submit work requests by scanning QR codes on assets, and work offline in the field with the confidence that your work will later be uploaded.

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Quickly Demonstrate Compliance to Auditors

Audit dashboards and a detailed audit trail make it easy to demonstrate PM compliance for everything from customer audits to IATF 16949, ISO 2701, and OSHA inspections.

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Maximize Uptime with Predictive Maintenance

Monitor asset health data like vibration and temperature and automate work orders to trigger on faults or failures. Repair the right asset at the right time — reducing costs and increasing uptime.

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Gain Eagle-Eye Visibility Over Asset Health

eMaint connects you to IIoT asset data, maintenance history, downtime trends, MRO costs, and more, revealing the bigger picture of asset health and production efficiency.

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Global, Multi-Site Maintenance Management & TPM

Standardize a winning TPM maintenance strategy across multiple sites to boost global KPIs and gain powerful insights from simplified enterprise-level reporting.

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“Since we started tracking our preventive maintenance completion last year,
we have an over 95% on-time completion rate.”

— Asahi Kasei Plastics

Our Most-Loved Tools for Automotive Maintenance Challenges

eMaint is designed with automotive manufacturing MRO challenges in mind, from implementing TPM to breaking down data silos. eMaint also offers global customer support and in-depth educational resources.

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Audit Dashboards

Quickly Create Records that Satisfy Auditors

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Give customer auditors or IATF, ISO, and OSHA inspectors what they want in a glance

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Demonstrate your program is optimized to ensure product quality

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Design yourself in a few clicks or request from eMaint

Mobile CMMS App

Maintenance management on the go

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Say goodbye to pen & paper, simplifying your work

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Work orders, asset data, and parts booking at your fingertips

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Connect your teams: mobile work orders, pop-up notifications, offline work

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Condition Monitoring

Gain asset health visibility & respond quickly

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eMaint condition monitoring: alarms, vibration analysis, and AI recommendations

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Seamless integration with SCADA, PLC, ANDON, BMS/BAS, and MEM/MES systems

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Automate work orders to trigger on faults and report on asset health trends

MRO Inventory & Purchasing

Connect maintenance and finance

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eMaint integrates with ERP platforms like SAP, Oracle, and Sage Intacct

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Send reqs, submit POs, and streamline depreciation and capital planning

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Establish traceability for serialized parts

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“We had an audit done by BMW in our Hopkinsville facility after we started implementing eMaint across the other plants. They described it as world-class.”

– Martinrea Metallics

Automotive Case Studies

Close up of new tire in tire manufacturing plant

Maximizing Asset Uptime

eMaint helped Dunn Tire to prevent costly downtime, reducing corrective work orders for pad lifts by 25%, and emergency work orders for air dryer units by 35%.

Dunn Tire Case Study:

Dunn Tire logo
Worker wearing blue hard hat standing in parts area of automotive manufacturing plant

Enterprise-Level MRO Analytics & Reporting

Asahi Kasei Plastics North America connected eMaint and their Power BI business analytics & powerful visibility that contributed to them ultimately achieving 95% on-time PM completion.

Asahi Kasei Case Study:

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Worker wearing orange hard hat and safety vest using laptop in automotive manufacturing plant

Digitalization & Mobile CMMS/EAM

For Troy Design & Manufacturing, eMaint was key to digitalizing their work orders and achieving mobile work order management.

Troy Case Study:

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Man in gray polo shirt working on an automotive manufacturing assembly line

Enterprise Maintenance Standardization

Martinrea Metallics standardized their maintenance & reliability strategy across 12 plants, and eventually achieved a 95% on-time PM completion rate.

Martinrea Metallics Case Study:

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