Connected Reliability

Connecting assets, people, and processes

What is Connected Reliability?

Connected reliability is a framework that combines assets, people, and processes from across the enterprise into one cloud-based maintenance ecosystem. Maintenance management is automatically integrated with data acquisition and analysis, giving industrial leaders unprecedented real-time visibility and empowering maintenance managers to make data-driven decisions that avoid downtime.

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“There’s a lot of data that gets generated in an industrial facility. By making sure that data is more available, more ubiquitous, and easier to analyze, it allows customers to share, benchmark, and make decisions.”

~ Fluke Reliability President, Ankush Malhotra

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The Benefits of Connected Reliability


Moves Maintenance from Reactive to Proactive

A maintenance program that leverages connected reliability has the technology and the data to perform predictive maintenance. This means that maintenance teams can know the condition of every asset in real time, predict future machine failures, and perform maintenance before failure occurs.


Improves Cross-Functional Visibility and Communication

With a CMMS and a connected reliability framework, all team members have visibility into asset management and operations. This allows teams to prioritize their work effectively and allows leaders and managers to understand what’s happening at a glance—even across multiple sites and hundreds of assets.

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Encourages a Strategic Approach to Adopting New Tech & Systems

Companies that ignore the rapid technological advances in maintenance and reliability, like integrating IIoT tech for continuous monitoring, will lose their competitive edge. Rather than obsess over the technology itself, connected reliability enables a holistic and proactive approach to maintenance.


Improves Maintenance Through Standardization

Connected reliability makes it easier to standardize workflows, align teams, and achieve consistency. It also allows maintenance teams to build robust preventive and predictive maintenance programs with documented, repeatable standards no matter who is doing the work.

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Moves the Needle
on High-Impact KPIs

Tracking the right maintenance KPIs helps teams monitor performance over time and identify areas that need improvement. Connected reliability enables teams to prioritize work that moves the needle on the most important KPIs—including avoiding unplanned downtime, the biggest pain point for most organizations.


Saves Costs
and Boosts Productivity

By empowering maintenance teams to predict and prevent failures, a connected reliability strategy saves costs, boosts productivity, increases reliability, and improves safety.

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“Successful communication doesn’t just go one direction. Reliability engineers need to ensure that maintenance technicians know what needs to be done. Maintenance technicians need their work to have visibility so others know what to expect and can understand the likely condition of assets.”

~ Fluke Reliability Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Merkin”

Fluke 3563, 3503gateway, and eMaint CMMS bundle

Meeting Your Organization Wherever You Are on Your Connected Reliability Journey…

Fluke Reliability hosts a variety of solutions available from hardware, software, and services (be it individually or as a combined solution), tailor-fit to meet you wherever you and your organization are on your connected reliability journey. One popular solution combines the Fluke Reliability 3563 sensor, seamlessly integrated with eMaint’s condition monitoring and CMMS software to provide unparalleled visibility into equipment health. With remote condition monitoring services, maintenance teams can take a proactive approach to prevent costly downtime and ensure equipment uptime. From real-time alerts and predictive analytics to comprehensive maintenance planning and execution, eMaint’s solution delivers a complete picture of asset performance, enabling organizations to optimize operations and maximize ROI.

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Reactive maintenance is no longer acceptable. Maintenance teams must help drive the bottom line. Understandably, today’s MRO (Maintenance, Reliability, and Operations) teams are struggling to keep up. The solution to these challenges lies in “connected reliability,” a framework that lets maintenance teams combine a wide-ranging array of hardware and software in one cloud-based ecosystem.

Read our informative white paper on what connected reliability means and how it can positively impact you and your organization.

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Now we’re not only getting our preventive maintenance where it needs to be, we’ve also moved into the predictive maintenance side.”

– Martin Nelson, Maintenance & Engineering Manager,
Jack Daniel Cooperage


Jack Daniel Cooperage moves barrel making into predictive maintenance with eMaint and Fluke vibration sensors

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