Features Overview
Criticality Ranking
Asset Hierarchies
Asset Tracking
Increase in work completed within 30 days
Improvement in Return on Net Assets (RONA)
Annual savings due to reduction in mechanics’ overtime
Improvement in productivity and response time to requests

Asset hierarchies

Establishing a hierarchical asset structure plays an important role in tracking assets. Without knowing how assets relate to one another, it is impossible to gain the reliability and maintainability of the assets. But fear not – eMaint’s equipment asset management software allows you to create asset parent groupings and child assets.

Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure. This improves asset performance through maintenance activities, such as Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Perform maintenance on all assets within an asset group at once, thus eliminating the need for multiple shut downs for each individual asset.

Write work orders pinpointed to the correct asset level rather than to a general area. This lets you calculate the TCO and analyze “repair vs. replace” decisions.

eMaint EAM Asset Costs