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18 hours of live support

3:00am – 9:00pm EST / Monday – Friday

5 support languages

English, Spanish, Portuguese, German & French

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Response time

Response time is defined as the length of time between when a call is received by our Support Department and when a Support Specialist contacts the client. eMaint provides response times based on the severity of the issue reported, but will often have a support issue resolved well within the time ranges indicated.

Response Time:1 hour or less
The customer’s application is down and inoperable. All users are unable to use the system. The customer’s productivity is threatened.

Response Time: 2 hours or less
Incident with the system that directly affect the functions essential for day-to-day operations for all users of the system.

Response Time: 4 business hours or less
The customer’s application is slightly limited. The situation has impaired operations, but most business operations and user productivity continue.

Response Time: 8 business hours or less
The customer’s application or user productivity are not affected, or it is a procedural issue that is being reported.