Importance of Going Mobile

The maintenance world has gone mobile, and technicians can no longer afford to be confined to a desk to make work order updates, search asset history, or accommodate spare parts requirements. They must continue to be productive even when disconnected from the network.

With eMaint’s mobile offering, technicians can perform maintenance functions online or offline, syncing seamlessly back to eMaints using asynchronous technology once re-connected to the network. eMaint allows full CMMS functions while offline — without limited features or requiring pre-downloading. Mobile workers can preform maintenance functions inside the facility or on the road, including work requests, work orders, parts meter readings, inventory, assets, and more.

Fluke Mobile for eMaint Highlights

  • Work order (WO) assignment to technicians, including sending instructions to them in the field
  • Search asset history and create work orders while at the specific asset location
  • Barcode scanning for quick asset and spare part identification
  • Add labor changes in real time or ad hoc and book parts changes onto work orders
  • Add or view documents or pictures on work orders and assets
  • Offline and online mobile capability allows productivity from anywhere at any time
mobile CMMS software solution on mobile phones

Fluke Mobile App includes:

  • Flexible and configurable screens to accommodate unique workflows
  • Newly updated screen design for work orders, assets, and search capabilities
  • Push notifications for newly-assigned work orders
  • Support of completion and closure of work orders
  • Pass/fail/urgent repair and completable types
  • Fluke Mobile supports multiple languages, including: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and many more
Access work orders easily and see important information at a glance

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Access work orders easily and see important information at a glance
Large, easy-to-navigate onscreen buttons

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Large, easy-to-navigate onscreen buttons

Performance Enhancing Features:

  • Sync with online system once reconnected
  • Speed up work assignments: Assign work orders and send instructions to technicians through mobile CMMS software in less time than it takes to make a phone call
  • Real-Time tracking and reporting: Track and report on work being completed in the field in real time by providing technicians with access to close out work orders on the go
  • Search function: Search for assets to see asset history and create work orders from asset and locations
  • Attach photos:  Add attachments and capture photos on a work order
  • Real-time labor tracking directly from mobile device including work start and stop timer

Benefits of Adding the Mobile Solution to Your Full eMaint License

Reduce data entry

Reduced Data Entry Time

Reduce time-consuming data entry by attaching barcodes and QR codes to assets or parts and scanning them into your CMMS with a mobile device

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Access Data on the Fly

Allow technicians to easily access and record CMMS data away from their desks

Paper less environment icon

Paperless Environment

Eliminate the need to print work orders through viewing, opening, and closing out work orders on the go with mobile devices

Complete procedures

Complete Work Procedures

Ability to complete a list of work procedures (pass, fail, or urgent repair)

Track Labor

Track Labor

Create labor in real time or ad hoc (multiple persons per WO) and add parts charges on work orders.

Available for Download on IOS & Google Play Store

Hardware Compatibility

  • Apple iOS version 11.0+
  • Google Android version 6.0+

Storage capabilities vary depending on your specific application. Your eMaint representative can help determine requirements.
For assistance or for more information, please contact your eMaint representative.

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