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Building dashboards and tracking KPIs is easy with eMaint. Discover growth opportunities and demonstrate your success.

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Reporting should be quick and easy. eMaint frees you from long hours of solving data analysis mysteries with an easy-to-use platform that can generate enterprise-level reports.

eMaint CMMS simplifies maintenance, reliability, and operations reporting. Build out reports and dashboards in a few clicks. Track vital maintenance KPIs like uptime and OEE.

  • Empowers you with flexible tools for reports, dashboards, and audit tracking
  • Saves you time: use premade templates, automatically generate reports, and gain instant visibility on asset or work order status
  • Connects you to a team of MRO reporting experts who are ready to help
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We want to hear from you: what’s your biggest challenge? Learn how eMaint CMMS can help.

Simplified, Intuitive Reporting & Analytics

eMaint streamlines reporting, from real-time visibility to automatically-generating reports and enterprise-level dashboards.

eMaint CMMS displayed on laptop

You’re busy. Let eMaint save you time dealing with the maintenance KPI madness.

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You don’t need to be a data analyst

Our team will design reports and dashboards for you — giving you instant insight into maintenance activities and KPIs. Or, build them yourself in a few simple clicks. We’re here to help, 24/7.


Automate reports & easily track KPIs

Explore everything from uptime to MTTR and OEE with an intuitive interface. Automate new reports to generate with data you need on a set cadence. Download your reports, tables, and graphs in XLSX, PDF, or image format.


Gain powerful, real-time visibility

How many open work orders does your team have? What’s the asset health status of your critical equipment? Are you running low on key spare parts? eMaint gives you real-time visibility for managing and monitoring your team, assets, parts, and more.

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“Ensuring foundational data and overseeing the business in real-time has provided our organization with the ability to achieve our objectives. The power of information has been unleashed.”

Marc Cote, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, C.B. Fleet Laboratories

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Discover the Secrets to Maximizing Uptime & Driving Production

Supercharge your maintenance strategy with data-driven discoveries that will strengthen reliability and demonstrate the power of MRO to leadership.

Maintenance, reliability, and operations are the heart of production. Unlock time-saving, cost-cutting,
performance-driving insights.

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Boost work order completion, reduce labor costs

See the real-time status of all your work orders in a glance. Track WO completion rate, wrench time, and work hours. Review your techs’ work order performance and discover how to increase efficiency while reducing labor costs.

Monitor asset health, increase utilization, extend lifespan

Oversee current asset status, vibration and temperature data, utilization, and more. Taking a look at the bigger picture, see where your machines are in their lifecycle. Explore asset maintenance history. Upload an image of an asset, production line, or floorplan, and build an interactive map that shows equipment location and status.

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Gain visibility on parts inventory levels and end overspending

Watch spare parts inventory levels and get notified when it’s time to reorder. Report on parts spending and uncover savings insights. Track and improve MTTR — ensuring critical spares are available. eMaint integrates with ERPs like SAP and NetSuite to streamline parts reqs and purchasing.

Enterprise and Multi-Site Reporting

eMaint is designed with global, multi-site, multilingual business in mind.

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Global maintenance success can get lost in translation. Gain eagle-eye visibility and standardize winning strategies.

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Enterprise reporting, simplified.

eMaint standardizes your maintenance data across locations, simplifying enterprise reporting and analytics. Easily build reports that bring in data from sites across the world. Quickly discover opportunities to minimize labor costs, balance budgets, and increase OEE in global MRO programs.

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Discover and standardize a winning strategy across sites

eMaint is a multi-site CMMS: build reports that transcend work sites across the globe, languages, currencies, and numerical formats. Implement best practices with workflows and standardized procedures — scaling your winning maintenance strategies to boost KPIs across the business.

Be ready for audits and confident in digital recordkeeping compliance

Demonstrate audit compliance quickly with eMaint audit dashboards. Show auditors reports of your controlled work order workflows that route work through supervisors or quality personnel. Easily pull up an audit trail that provides detailed, timestamped records of user actions and changes. Safeguard key actions by requiring password-protected e-signatures.

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See Machine Failures Coming with Condition Monitoring

Monitor asset health and performance. Prevent failures before they happen.

Downtime disasters are coming — but eMaint gives you the asset health data to save the day.

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Monitor assets, predict failures

Design dashboards that give you deep insight into asset health. Track vibration, temperature, pressure, and other condition-indicating metrics over time. Report on the lifespan of your critical assets and analyze imminent or recurring machine failures.

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Seamless integration to IIoT sensors, SCADA, and beyond

eMaint integrates seamlessly with Fluke wireless vibration sensors: set alarms, explore historical data, and perform FFT spectrum analysis. Tap into a wealth of siloed production data with SCADA, PLC, BMS/BAS, and MES/MOM systems. Gather SCADA sensor data, from temperature and pressure to utilization and energy consumption.


Respond quickly to failures & gain AI recommendations

Automate eMaint work orders to trigger when asset data indicates a fault or failure. Gain AI recommendations for corrective actions based on vibration data from Fluke sensors. Evolve your maintenance program into the time-saving, cost-cutting, uptime-boosting strategy of predictive maintenance.