For eMaint Client Dunn Tire, “Knowledge Is Power”

maxresdefaultDunn Tire is a tire retailer and wholesaler with 30 retail locations and 6 warehouses across Pennsylvania and New York. The company looked for a Computerized Maintenance Management solution to increase accountability, track the health of their assets and repair costs, and to develop Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules. 
Once Dunn Tire found eMaint, Adam Harrison, the Continuous Improvement Communications Coordinator, began implementation using eMaint to track assets and manage work requests to establish a baseline for corrective maintenance and loss prevention. The team also developed preventive maintenance schedules for critical assets such as automotive maintenance pad lifts, as well as other equipment used in retail stores. 
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With eMaint, Dunn Tire has experienced a 25% reduction in reactive maintenance for pad lifts and a 35% drop in emergency work orders for air dryer units. They have also begun benchmarking performance across all retail locations to examine the results to identify why some locations are performing less optimally than others. Dunn Tire is also empowered to:

  • Justify costs and staffing through work order tracking
  • Isolate issues of certain equipment models experiencing failures
  • Increase efficiency in planning and scheduling maintenance for service managers
  • Improve visibility and accountability on work requests

“Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more effective your company will be. eMaint CMMS helped provide us with the knowledge and the tools to make a positive, lasting difference for our organization.”

– Adam Harrison, Continuous Improvement Communications Coordinator, Dunn Tire

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