Introducing the eMaint Community

eMaint is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated all-in-one customer portal, The eMaint Community. eMaint customers now have exclusive access to the eMaint Community, designed to help eMaint users get the most out of their CMMS and achieve ongoing maintenance management success.
Within the eMaint Community, users can create, access and track the status of eMaint Support Cases. This tool allows users to communicate directly with eMaint about their cases.
With the Idea Portal, eMaint users can share ideas and brainstorm about eMaint’s product, features, services and support, and have those ideas voted on by fellow users. This is just another way “Users Have The Power” when partnering with eMaint.
The eMaint Community & Knowledge Base contains 200+ Articles on the eMaint system and industry best practices. Articles can be filtered by language, topic, category and type.
A Live Support Chat tool is available within the eMaint Community & Knowledge Base, allowing users to chat online with a live eMaint support specialist in real-time.
To learn even more about The eMaint Community, please visit, or watch the video below. To dive right in and check it out yourself, click here to login.

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