The Keys To World-Class Manufacturing

In today’s economic environment, more than ever, manufacturers are looking to sustain assets, meet production demands, increase productivity, and boost the bottom line. In order to be considered a “world class” manufacturer, there’s been more pressure to make these improvements and much more. Production must move as quickly as possible at the lowest cost, with customer satisfaction kept at an all-time high.
In a recent article, Reliable Plant outlined the three keys for world-class manufacturing, characterized by efficient processes and continuous improvement:

  1. Specialized expertise
  2. Robust systems
  3. Focused execution

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can help support and strengthen all three keys and allow companies to identify, optimize and integrate maintenance processes. 
Specialized Expertise
Reliable Plant explained that specialized expertise is all about understanding your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), how quickly they are changing, and their overall impact on process performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
eMaint’s reports & dashboard tools can give organizations up-to-the-minute data on critical KPIs such as preventive maintenance completion rates, total downtime by asset, total cost of operation, uptime percentage, wrench time percentage, total labor hours per asset and more.
For example, once eMaint client Tiara Yachts implemented eMaint, the team identified a group of assets that comprised of 6% of their inventory, but consumed 30% of their team’s resources. After running additional reports based on eMaint’s initial findings, the maintenance manager was able to isolate the cause, and saved time and money by identifying need for more efficient components.
Robust Systems
Not only is it a robust, sustainable system on its own, but a CMMS can often integrate with other powerful systems to leverage the latest technologies. It helps clients maintain system accuracy and reduce requirements for duplicate entry of data by integrating or interfacing eMaint with external third-party applications. eMaint has 30+ years experience in developing interfaces for its eMaint CMMS systems to a wide range of third-party applications, including but not limited to:

  • Agilisys
  • FuelMan
  • Grainger’s Online Requisition Order System
  • POLARIS Horizon Fluid Analysis System
  • Oracle

Larson Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer and distributor of storm doors in America, integrated a purchasing/inventory management tool to ensure parts are available when needed, and with data logging devices, which supports utilization-based PMs.
Focused Execution
The bundled features of a CMMS help create a platform to ensure focused execution. With manufacturers, the focus is to create the best possible product, at the fastest rate, with the highest level of satisfaction. By combining tools like work order management, preventive maintenance, reporting, mobile maintenance and more, customers have seen:

  • 53% increase in on-time completion rate
  • 77% increase in PM compliance
  • 99% equipment uptime rate

To sum it up, George G. at PolyOne Corporation explains the impact of a CMMS on business:

“Maintenance is one of several areas that requires time and focus. A plant that is reactive in its approach to maintenance can be costly. To compete in today’s global marketplace, you must recognize the impact to your business and your customers. With eMaint CMMS, our plants have tools and metrics to enable us to increase OEE, support our proactive approach to maintenance, and most importantly serve our customers even more effectively.”
– George G., Sr. Project Engineer, PolyOne Corporation

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