Meet Team eMaint!

Get a look at the faces behind eMaint‘s Support, Sales, Professional Services, Marketing, International and Management departments.

Here are some interesting fun facts about the team members that push themselves to capacity – sometimes even beyond capacity – to deliver “Service on 11″ to eMaint users.


Brian Samelson – CEO & President

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Is an avid U2 fan and has seen the band nearly 20 times in the past 10 years – including 3 times in the bands hometown of Dublin.


Hannelore Fineman – Executive Vice President

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Started as an eMaint customer in the late 1980’s, before coming on board as an employee in 1999.


Gene Pargas – Vice President Strategic Accounts

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While working in the US Navy and US Department of state, he travelled to over 35 countries.


John Pfeifle – Sales Director

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If you give him an empty bottle of wine with a cork at the bottom of it, he can get it out only using a napkin.


David Vaughan – Senior Developer






Learned how to ride a Unicycle when he was a teenager.


Ryan Kay – Product & IT Manager

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Climbs Mt. Washington once a year.


Alex Allen – Senior Product Specialist

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Every shirt he owns is black.


Maggie Kowalski – Professional Services Manager

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Met Justin Timberlake when she was 15 and still considers it the best day of her life.


Mike Barok – Implementation Services







Travels about 150 days of the year.


Paul Marino – Software Implementation Specialist

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Scaled Mt. Everest with no oxygen.


Dianne Carbonetta – Account Advisor

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Enjoys swimming with seals.


David Rossi – eLearning Coordinator

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Extremely good at remembering things and remembers the names and faces of people immediately after meeting them once.


Rona Palmer – Marketing Director

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Used to be a country singer.


Shannon Rasmussen – Marketing Coordinator

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Attended 3 high schools in the course of 4 years.


Jon Little – Sales Development Associate

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You can catch him preforming with his band on the weekends.


Danielle Mazeika – Sales Development Associate

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Lives her life by the fish philosophy and can be caught throwing Swedish Fish around the office.


Angela DeSanctis – Sales Development Associate

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Once ate an entire bag of Oreos in an eating contest – and won!


Lauren Boothe – Customer Success Manager

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Has gone on a safari in Africa.


Sergio Plaut – Director of International Relations







Participated in the Carnival Parade in Rio a few years ago.


Andre Morige – International Support Specialist

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Is ambidextrous in his writing.


Steve Carbonetta – Support Team Lead

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Loves Kung Fu and can show you the moves he knows and has been studying for 2 years now.


Kevin Cronin – Helpdesk Specialist

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Loves surfing at his parents beach house.


Bill Green – Helpdesk Specialist thumbnail






Walked 500 miles across Spain.


Heidi Kapferer – Office Manager

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Used to visit Germany summer-long and has a piece of the Berlin Wall that she chipped off herself.


Matthew Parke – Software Development Team Lead

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Was actually born in Germany – on US soil in Germany while his father was in the army.


Sandro De Cristofaro – Software Developer

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The first generation of his family in America – everyone else is still back in the Old Country. He is fluent in Italian and didn’t learn English until Pre-School.


Alex Schultz – Junior Web Developer

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Has lived in 6 states throughout his life.


Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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