eMCP-icon The eMaint CMMS Certification Program (eMCP) formally educates and recognizes users who continually grow their knowledge and experience with eMaint CMMS by using the software. As part of the certification criteria, students will demonstrate their expertise via an assessment test.

To support your initial certification and renewal, you’ll find various training opportunities. These include eMaint Boot Camp sessions and online eMaint University courses and practice tests, which allow you to experience the type and scope of questions contained in the exam. You’ll need to meet a few prerequisites before gaining certification.


  1. Complete the X4 learning path provided in eMaint University
  2. Accrue a minimum of six months of eMaint X4 system experience
  3. Complete enrollment in the certification program by contacting your eMaint customer service manager (CSM) or by registering online
  4. Achieve a minimum score of 80% on the eMCP assessment test

What’s in the assessment?

The assessment consists of 100 questions and is divided into two parts. Each part contains 50 questions, and the timed sessions last 60 minutes each. The test covers a broad range of X4 topics.

eMaint Certification

Certification Assessment Topics

Introduction to eMaint Data Import and Export
Work Order Management Reporting (Level 1) – Basic
Work Order Request Process (for Admin Users) Reporting (Level 2) – Intermediate
Work Order Request Process (for Requesters) Reporting (Level 3) – Advanced
Scheduler & Custom Filters Reporting (Level 4) – Calculated Fields, Graphs, Instruments & Dashboards
PM Management (Level 1 & 2) MX Mobile / Tech Select (General Users)
PM Management Tools MX Mobile / Tech Select (Administrator)
Meter Based PMs & Meter Readings Barcoding in eMaint
Inventory Management (Level 1 & 2) Parts Requisitioning
Purchasing with eMaint Condition Monitoring
User Permissions & Administrator Features Asset Reservation
General Account Global Settings Workflow Manager
Form Design & Document Storage Data Import and Export
Workflow Manager  


During the test, participants can:

  • Use resources, including the eMaint Boot Camp training guide and any notes taken during training sessions
  • Review answers and change them if needed before submitting the assessment for grading

After passing the test, you’ll receive a digital copy of your “Certificate of Completion,” which is valid for two years from the date of issue. When your two-year certification ends, you will need to recertify.

How to renew your certification

To renew your certification for another two years, you can either retake and pass the most current assessment exam at the cost of $295 or accumulate 24 points by attending or participating in eMaint training opportunities.

How to gain points:

  • Attend the Xcelerate Fluke Reliability Conference (12 points)
  • Participate in eMaint Boot Camp training in Bonita Springs (12 points)
  • eMaint Onsite Training Services at your location (10 points)
  • eMaint Professional Training Services (10 points)
  • Complete eMaint University X4 learning paths (5 points each)
  • Watch live or on-demand eMaint webinars in eMaint University (2 points each)

You are responsible for tracking attendance and participation in eMaint training events and points during the two-year recertification training period. You can document progress in your eMaint University account.

How to log training attendance and points for recertification

Go to the Achievements tab in the top menu bar of the eMaint University dashboard. Select Achievements, then select the external learning tab and finally add a new external learning record.

Achievements Certification

Complete the New External Learning Record. Upload any supporting documents or certificates.

external learning

All training activities must be entered before your eMCP certificate expiration date.

external learning

The eMCP certificate will be reissued for an additional two-year period once all requirements are met and entered into the Achievements section in eMaint University.