Modern maintenance teams depend on Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software for everything from work orders to inventory management.  And yet most maintenance leaders say they’re unhappy with their current CMMS, according to a 2021 Plant Services industry survey.

In fact, our own surveys show that some 80% of cMMS implementations fail to meet expectations.

From implementation to production, the best CMMS providers offer the tools, training, and resources you need to succeed.

If your CMMS fails to exceed your expectations, it’s time to switch to eMaint.

eMaint Makes it Easy to Switch to a Better CMMS

Changing your CMMS software may seem challenging.

How much does new
CMMS software cost?

How long will it take
to implement a CMMS?

What happens during the switch?

What about all my legacy data?

eMaint knows how to ease the transition from your present CMMS to a new one.

We’ve successfully switched many organizations from their current CMMS to eMaint.  Our intuitive CMMS system, coupled with decades of data conversion experience and a range of implementation services, makes converting to eMaint as seamless as possible.

“The eMaint CMMS was really intuitive.  I was able to figure out how to update my forms myself and just rely on eMaint to really double-check everything for us.” 

– Industry: Manufacturing

Put eMaint CMMS to the Test

We’d love for you to try us out.  We start with an initial 15-minute phone consultation to hear your problems and discuss how we can solve them.

Sign Up for a CMMS Consultation

Once you’re ready to switch, the rest is as easy one, two, three.

1. Review Your Requirements

First, we discuss how you’re using your current CMMS. We find ways to solve current maintenance management problems and learn where you want to go in the future.

2. Send Us a .CSV

To get started, we can begin converting your data.  We make it easy for you with our custom data import template.

3. Put eMaint to the Test

Next, we set you up for a free eMaint trial so that you can test out the software.  eMaint can often get you up and running in as little as four weeks.

eMaint – API Integrations and Scalability

Organizations that switch to eMaint CMMS quickly gain ROI thanks to our flexible, highly configurable software and unbeatable API integration options.

Many CMMS providers hire third-party contractors to provide implementation and training.  At eMaint, we employ dozens of in-house experts that stick with you throughout the journey.

With a dedicated customer success manager and experts at your side, we’re with you before, during, and after launch.

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“The service and support that our company has received from the eMaint staff have been nothing short of wonderfull ” 

– Industry: Facilities

6 Reasons Why Customers Love eMaint CMMS Software

Nearly 5,000 organizations and well over 50,000 users rely on eMaint CMMS software.  Some 93% of those customers continue to renew with us every year.  And we have hundreds of eMaint testimonials that explain why.  Here are just a few of the things our eMaint CMMS customers say.

1. Customer Support and Support

From customer service managers, software specialists, and implementation experts, our team has one goal: to provide prompt and personalized service and support that exceeds customer expectations.

Software is only as good as the team that supports it. So why not have the most passionate CMMS team on your side?  While other vendors hire third-party contractors for implementation and training, eMaint employs dozens of in-house experts.

“We needed a modern, continuous customer service support partner before, during, and after implementation. The eMaint team exceeded those expectations.” 

– Industry: Non-profit organization

2. Systems Integration – API

Connectivity is critical to business growth and an essential part of any digital transformation.  The eMaint team has over 30 years of experience integrating CMMS software with external applications.  With out Application Programming Interface (API), you can integrate with other system, uniting your financial systems, fuel card systems, and machine run-time data systems.  You can also automate asset, procurement, parts inventory management processes, and more.

“I haven’t come across anything that the eMaint system won’t solve, and I have been in this business for over 15 years.” 

– Industry: Manufacturing

3. Highly Configurable and Flexible

The eMaint CMMS software lets you and your organization work the way you want.  Unlike most other CMMS system, eMaint isn’t limited to off-the-shelf capabilities.  Our CMMS software is flexible to fit your workflow needs. You can configure form fields and layouts, customize your view with a drag-and-drop interface, build custom reports and dashboards, filter and sort data, and track priority items.

“eMaint is great because you can move fields around, you can tailor everything that you want. You can make exactly the way you want it to work for you.” 

– Industry: Computer Facilities Management Services

4. CMMS Ease of Use

If your technicians don’t fully understand your present CMMS, or it’s too cumbersome to use, your ROI goes down the drain.  Ease of use is one of the many benefits eMaint customers often mention.

With abundant training opportunities, we ensure your team is set for success.  Our professional services also help to maximize eMaint more strategically, with opportunities like our asset criticality analysis workshops and connected reliability assessments.

“The eMaint system is easy to use. Once we started using the capabilities, we understood and exploited more of its functionality. The more we’ve used it, the more we’ve seen a return on investment.” 

– Industry: Food Processing

5. Rapid ROI/Pricing

Most eMaint CMMS customers achieve a substantial ROI in just months.  Customers who optimize the system and take advantage of the many eMaint training opportunities  are more likely to increase ROI faster.  We can help you do that.

Metrics reported by eMaint customers:

  • 400% increase in work order completions
  • $100,000 reduction in operating expenses
  • 40% reduction in corrective maintenance
  • 30% saving on parts purchased from suppliers
  • 20% increase in productivity

“eMaint CMMS has not only simplified our work processes, but it has also provided use with a rapid return on investment (ROI) through its asset and warranty tracking capabilities.” 

– Industry: Warehousing and Distribution

6. CMMS Training

We load out customers up with training.  We provide you with the tools and training to enable you to get the most out of eMaint CMMS software.  Customers benefit from workshops, webinars, onsite and offsite boot camps, eMaint University, and of course, a customer favorite, Xcelerate, a yearly conference where eMaint customers come together to share, learn, and grow.

“Big keys for our approach to change management was providing people with the skills that they need, a reason to believe, and the opportunity to shine.  We felt eMaint was a good partner.  Their service and support levels are second to none.  Being coupled with Fluke, eMaint provides a solid solution through their products and vast experience in asset management.” 

Computerized Maintenance Management System software is a must in today’s highly competitive environment. When you selected your first CMMS, you took an important step in your reliability journey.

If you’re not happy with your present CMMS, it’s time for an upgrade. Let’s talk about how eMaint can turn things around.

After 30 years of providing an exemplary tool, eMaint continues to win numerous awards and recognition for innovation, outstanding customer support, and advanced capabilities.

We’d love to show you how eMaint can solve your CMMS problems.

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