Safety Should Be A Top Priority for Warehouses, and a CMMS Can Help

Governador Jaques Wagner inaugura Centro de Distribuição Regional do Grupo Martins em Camaçari Foto: Manu Dias/AGECOM
Warehousing and Distribution Centers handle a variety of complex tasks, such as keeping forklifts, conveyors and other critical facility equipment operating at peak performance. With all of this work, sometimes developing safety processes is placed on the backburner. However, establishing this focus can lead to many unprecedented benefits, such as reductions in costs, improvements in quality and better decision making for employees. Systems such as eMaint CMMS can help organizations get started implementing and maintaining safety for warehouses.
Cost Reduction
A well-developed safety program can help organizations avoid injuries and the resulting insurance premium increases. Workers compensation rates also inflate, and regulatory compliance comes into question. With a framework of safety coupled with a CMMS, avoid fines for OSHA, PSM, RMP and other costs by tracking history, documenting procedures, and more.
Quality Improvements

Increased efficiency is a common benefit of a safe work environment. Typically, this focus enables employees to work without distractions and can concentrate on completing tasks at hand. In turn, an increase in quality makes customers happy, and may result in higher sales and profit margins. Warehousing maintenance software such as eMaint can help streamline processes and ensure quality by allowing users to attach safety documents to records, and track parts usage, and associate parts with assets.
Better Decision-Making
Most accidents are caused by failure to adhere to rules and guidelines. When safety is made a priority, especially with the support of a CMMS, the likelihood of the rules being followed increases significantly.
Customer Success Spotlight
Burris Logistics operates frozen food warehousing and distribution systems, offering a range of services including Supply Chain Analysis, Freight Management, Consolidation Programs, Warehousing and Inventory Management. eMaint was originally implemented in select locations, then to five different sites. Since then, Burris has noticed a variety of benefits from eMaint software, including calendar-based PMs established for inspections of ammonia detectors based on asset type, OSHA compliance supported with triggered email notifications when documentation needs to be updated or PMs need to be performed, and more.

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