Maintenance Solutions for Schools & Universities

As the school year settles in and students prepare for homecoming dances and football games, eMaint wanted to share some of the ways its CMMS solution has helped staff prepare and improve their processes for these events, routine maintenance and more.
eMaint’s CMMS solution offers streamlined access for instructors, coordinators, planners, administrative staff, students and others to submit work requests, schedule preventive maintenance, keep track of project plans and timelines, and so much more.
Customers have been able to:

  • Easily track and communicate maintenance activities across a single school, or a global campus
  • Organize an asset hierarchy for equipment and facilities
  • Make inspection rounds a breeze by checking off activities in real time via eMaint’s mobile CMMS maintenance services
  • Assign tasks to specific users/employees
  • Trigger calendar or meter-based work orders automatically

Rockland Uses eMaint CMMS to Maintain Security of Their Key Request and Approval Process
rocklandRockland Community College (RCC) is made up of nine buildings and enrolls more than 8,000 students from 50 countries. RCC was using an inflexible CMMS system that relied on paper forms. RCC desperately needed a more effective method. Of the 25 contenders, RCC chose eMaint to provide them with the services they needed.
Benefits of a CMMS 

  • Software-as-a-Service model alleviates headaches associated with hardware, backups and power outages
  • Reports are now used to justify overtime and staffing and validate the amount of time spent on projects for budgeting purposes
  • Work request reports enable management to analyze and remedy recurring issues
  • Improved accountability as maintenance team tracks date and time of work completion
  • Track usage and mileage of college vehicles
  • Improved security on key request process from initial approval through issuing and returns

eMaint CMMS Facilitates Efficiency within Trinity Hall’s Maintenance Department
Trinity HallTrinity Hall is the fifth-oldest surviving college of the University of Cambridge, and provides educational and residential facilities for about 330 undergraduate and 250 graduate students. The College was using an inflexible CMMS system which lacked the ability to schedule planned maintenance tasks for assets. eMaints functionality matched the needs of Trinity Hall.
Benefits of a CMMS 

  • The team has the ability to streamline management input in the same way that they operate the system
  • Trinity Hall can now provide a single information point for asset listings and asset information details, including Technical and Health & Safety Data
  • The Head of Building & Services can write and execute planned maintenance regimes within eMaint
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